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Imri Merritt

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A graduate of the Multimedia program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Imri Merritt is an industry veteran with over 20 years of graphic design and color separations experience in the screen printing industry.

Learn about screen printing terminology when it comes to location, placement, print areas, and more.

Get our take on the best band merchandise ideas to maximize profit. See merch ideas that will fit well with your offline and online presence here.

What are the differences between automatic and manual screen printing machines? We interviewed our in-house printing expert Tom Ingling to get all the details.

Get tips and real examples from a printing expert on how to use different distress effects to get the perfect custom vintage t-shirt look.

Get tips and tricks on what to do with your old t-shirts. Learn about sustainable alternatives to simply disposing of your used t-shirts.

Get a light-hearted look at the ever-popular fanny pack. From origins in the stone age to the excellent 80s, it's still a popular promotional item.

See RushOrderTees' contribution to Wearables Magazine's annual fashion issue. The theme? A floral T-shirt design inspired by the idea of “the T-shirt as a blank canvas”.

Inktober is an annual, worldwide event founded by artist Jake Parker. Check out our experience of 2019's contents.

Get 10 techniques to finish an image or photograph on your custom t-shirt. Learn how it can elevate your t-shirt design.

Receive our recommendations on how to surprise your friends, family, or coworkers with unique and thoughtful custom holiday gifts.

The Six-Shooter Challenge is RushOrderTees' in-house screen-printing competition. See 2019's shocking upsets, unconventional techniques, and results here.

Learn how to prepare any photo to get the best results when screen printing t-shirts. Get tips on image color, resolution, cropping and more.

Learn about the history of the famous I Love NY logo. Get the inside scoop on this iconic image.

Learn the differences between Plastisol and water-based screen printing ink. Understand the pros and cons of each type to pick the one that best suits your need.

Learn about the history of the notorious Rolling Stones Lips and Tongue logo.

How should a t-shirt fit? Learn about t-shirt construction, fits, and principles of what makes a great fit. In addition, get our recommendations.

See how 2020 changed everything for the apparel and fashion industry with these statistics. We've assembled fascinating stats and offer predictions for the future.

Discover the truth about polyester shrinkage as we conduct a hands-on test with three shirts, revealing key findings and essential fabric care tips.

Learn about the fundamental differences between these two color models. Get an easy-to-understand explanation with tips on how to use each.

Get our selection of the top t-shirt designers for 2021 from around the world. Each was chosen based on talent, originality, skill, and more.

Learn how to fix common problems with a Zipper. Get tips on how to correct zippers that are jammed, separated, have a detached the puller , and more.

Learn about the Pantone system. Understand how it works, how to use it, and more. Plus links to online tools.

Learn how to save money when printing custom apparel. Find easy ways to trim costs and understand the tradeoffs.

We tested and compared the latest and greatest competing apps out there, and picked out the best so you can forget the rest.

Learn about the tools and techniques to remove almost every kind of stain from your favorite t-shirts. Get tips for removing stains with everyday items, home remedies, and products.

Find ideas for appreciation gifts that employees will appreciated. Great for co-workers, clients, customers, and prospects, these ideas can be used for individual giving or a buy-one-for-everyone strategy.

Learn how to keep your favorite hats clean and looking good. We tested the top four hat-washing techniques to determine which is the best. Get step-by-step instructions with before-and-after photos.

Get step-by-step advice on how to improve T-shirt designs, using real jobs from real RushOrderTees customers as examples.

Comparing the top 3 Gildan tees - cover image

We break down the most popular Gildan t-shirts. Get the details on the Gildan G200, G800, and G500 t-shirts by material, size, color, and more.

Learn about the top 8 standard t-shirt printing locations. Get advice with examples on the perfect logo placement on your custom t-shirts.

Learn about the different hoodie styles, fabrics, and fits. Get tips to make sure you'll make the best choice for your project.

Buying a variety of sizes for large orders is easy. Get our recommended size distribution ratio and proper breakdown that works for any bulk apparel order.

Learn about how to make your charity event t-shirt a more effective tool. From raising awareness to volunteer support, we cover it all.

Which is better, Hanes or Gildan? We compare the top T-shirts from each brand in side-by-side comparisons to evaluate fabric, fit, softness & more.

Understand the different types of t-shirt fabrics to determine which is the best for you. Get details on cotton, polyester and blends to get the pros and cons of each.

Learn about how to care for your screen printed. Understand how to prevent fading and cracking to make sure your t-shirts last.

We compared over a dozen of our softest T-shirts to find out which material is the softest. Learn about cotton, CVC, and tri-blend fabric.

Learn how to make custom patches that will up the professionalism of any uniform, hat or garment. See different styles and how to make designs for each.

Get the top 10 design tips to get the best results from your t-shirt designs. Find examples and pro tips, to help improve any custom print.

Get ten exclusive T-shirt design ideas featuring the American Flag. Receive ten free templates, find flag etiquette and receive general guidelines here.

Well-made company shirts can drive profits and boost morale. Create an effective and professional design for your business with these six simple tips.

Create a memorial shirt for a recently departed friend or family member using these design tips and ideas. Acknowledge their life with a custom shirt.

Learn about glow-in-the-dark ink and how to use it when designing a custom t-shirt. Get creative ideas to create a truly unique glow-in-the-dark shirt.

Get insight into the Comfort Colors brand of t-shirts. Learn about the brand that pioneered the garment-dyed, soft-wash style.

Learn how to design and simplify a logo for custom embroidery. We offer a brief overview of the process and provide recommendations.