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Hat Logo Size and Placement Guide

Want to customize a hat but unsure of where to place your logo for maximum impact or how big your logo should be? We've got it covered in our hat logo size and placement guide.

How Much Do Hats Cost?

How much do custom hats cost? You can find out here, where we break down all of the factors that influence the price of hats.

Print Methods

DTG vs Screen Printing: What’s the Difference and Which is Better?

Learn about how to make your charity event t-shirt a more effective tool. From raising awareness to volunteer support, we cover it all.

Which Screen Printing Ink is the Best? Comparing Water-based Ink vs Plastisol

Learn the differences between Plastisol and water-based screen printing ink. Understand the pros and cons of each type to pick the one that best suits your need.

Ask the Expert: Manual vs Automatic Screen Printing

What are the differences between automatic and manual screen printing machines? We interviewed our in-house printing expert Tom Ingling to get all the details.


Hi-Vis Clothing: What You Need To Know

A guide to understanding hi-vis safety clothing, including what it is, classes and types, and uses for business and recreation. Plus, helpful tips on creating your own custom branded high-visibility apparel.

How to Wash and Dry Screen Printed T-Shirts

Learn about how to care for your screen printed. Understand how to prevent fading and cracking to make sure your t-shirts last.

Choosing The Best Custom Hoodies: 7 Expert Tips

Learn about the different hoodie styles, fabrics, and fits. Get tips to make sure you'll make the best choice for your project.


20 Spooktacular Halloween Party Theme Ideas

Have the perfect spooky theme for your Halloween party this year with help from our top 20 spooktacular Halloween party theme ideas!

8 Tips for Printing on Tie-Dye Shirts

8 Tips for Printing on Tie-Dye Shirts

Welcome to the vibrant, colorful world of custom tie-dye shirts. An ever-popular look, the tie-dye shirt has transcended generations and continues to symbolize individuality and creativity. This article provides expert graphic design tips, examples of different tie-dye patterns and colors, and the best printing methods to help you create a successful and outstanding custom print on tie-dye shirts.

6 Logo Placement Options for Safety Vests

Safety is the most important factor in workwear, but there's also a great branding opportunity. Customizing safety vests can be more challenging than other types of apparel. This article covers six common logo placement options for various types of safety vests, along with design tips and examples.


Top 10 T-Shirt Fundraiser Ideas

As an incredibly popular form of self-expression, t-shirts are ideal for fundraising campaigns, capturing people's attention and creating lasting mementos of your event or project. Here are 10 real-life fundraising ideas centered around custom t-shirts, along with practical tips for running a successful fundraiser. Discover how custom t-shirts for fundraising events can elevate your campaign, leaving a lasting impression and ensuring success.

12 Company Swag Ideas That Staff and Clients Love

Find company swag ideas that are most appreciated by employees and most effective for promoting your brand.

The True Story of The Smiley Face T-shirt

The true story of the Smiley Face, from its first appearances through its worldwide icon status is an interesting saga filled with twists and turns, wars, borrowing, outright theft, corporate greed, and a long, strange trip through music history.

Our Journey

RushOrderTees to Invest $1,000,000 in Cryptocurrencies

RushOrderTees is excited to announce that we’re investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a number of other cryptocurrencies. Learn more here.

Six Shooter Challenge 2019 Recap with Photos, Video, and an Interview With Joe Wolos

The Six-Shooter Challenge is RushOrderTees' in-house screen-printing competition. See 2019's shocking upsets, unconventional techniques, and results here.

The T-shirt as a Blank Canvas: RushOrderTees Featured in Wearables Magazine Annual Fashion Issue

See RushOrderTees' contribution to Wearables Magazine's annual fashion issue. The theme? A floral T-shirt design inspired by the idea of “the T-shirt as a blank canvas”.

Promo Products

Guide to Eco-Friendly Swag for Your Business or Event

Sustainable products are all the hype with many businesses pivoting to a more eco-friendly solution for their promotional products and custom apparel. Check out our top picks for 'green' products here!

17 New Hire Swag Ideas Perfect for Welcome Kits

It's not easy starting a new job, which is why gifting your new hires with a company swag welcome kit will make them feel part of the team straight away. Take a look at our best welcome kit products with some examples from leading brands!

11 Golf Swag Ideas For Your Next Round (of Custom Gifts)

Looking for some amazing custom gifts for avid golf fans? Whether you work at the club or there's a group of fans ready to boost their game, check out our top 11 golf swag ideas!


The Price of Pride: How Much NCAA Fans Need to Switch Sides

How much would you need to be paid to wear a rival team's gear? We surveyed 1,500 college basketball fans to find out what the price of pride really is. Check out our survey results here!

T-Shirt Guides

A Guide To T-Shirt Styles For Any Occasion

Discover the ultimate guide to t-shirt styles, where we break down the essential types and how to rock each one with confidence. From classic crew necks to trendy oversized fits, find your perfect match.

4 Important Features of Custom Gym Shirts

Wearing the right custom gym shirts can make all the difference in achieving fitness goals. When creating branded workout gear for a company, team, to sell, or just for yourself, there's a lot to consider–but don't sweat it. Learn the 4 most important features of a great custom gym shirt, along with examples and expert tips to get you in shape.

Bella+Canvas vs. Gildan: Comparing 5 of Their Top T-shirts

Deciding on what t-shirts to get? Bella+Canvas and Gildan are two of our top-selling brands. They both make high-quality apparel that’s great for customizing. But they are not the same. We put some of their top shirts in direct, side-to-side comparisons. This article breaks down the differences, giving you the expert advice you need to make an informed decision based on your purposes. 

Hats Guides

Hat Logo Size and Placement Guide

Want to customize a hat but unsure of where to place your logo for maximum impact or how big your logo should be? We've got it covered in our hat logo size and placement guide.

How Much Do Hats Cost?

How much do custom hats cost? You can find out here, where we break down all of the factors that influence the price of hats.

Types of Beanies: The Top 5

Learn all about one of the most popular hat styles and how they can be customized. Get tips on styles, beanie design and more.