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17 New Hire Swag Ideas Perfect for Welcome Kits

Bryce Emley

May 1, 2024

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It’s not easy starting a new job — you’ve got orientation to get through, new processes to learn, and three different Madisons to keep straight. Everybody wants to feel at home in their job, and the best way to make recently hired employees feel at home (aside from a work-from-home position) is a welcome kit. 

Welcome kits help your newest team members feel seen and supported by setting them up with branded freebies that’ll help them adjust to their roles. If you’re not sure what to include in yours, here’s some of our favorite new hire swag that’s perfect for welcome kits.

What’s Unique About New Employee Swag

Similar to other giveaway opportunities like conferences and tradeshows, new hire kits should have items featuring your company logo and be useful enough for people to want to keep around

But while new employee swag might have those features in common with other kinds of swag, here are some key ways it’s distinct from them:

  • Usefulness for Onboarding: Ideally, these items will help your new hires learn the ropes and get settled into their new roles and environments.
  • Promotion of Company Pride: Rather than just promoting name recognition for your company, these custom promo products should make team members feel a sense of community and pride.
  • Premium on Quality: When you’re giving away countless items at a conference, quality may not be your chief concern.  But when you’re creating a new hire kit that features a curated selection of items, focus more on the premium choices for improved quality. 
  • Availability: If you tend to hire regularly throughout the year, it’s worth considering how you’ll store the swag items so you can have them handy for onboarding.

17 New Hire Swag Ideas to Include in Welcome Kits

New hire kits call for a particular type of swag. To give you some inspiration, here are some of our top choices for products to include in a new employee welcome kit.

1. Company Logo Shirts


  • Why Pick It: Casual attire to wear in and out of the office

Nobody’s wardrobe is complete without at least a couple (but often many more) company logo shirts. These make perfect additions to new hire welcome kits because they can quickly help employees feel a part of the team. Plus, they can be worn on casual days in the office or at home on the weekends, promoting your brand in the process.

Color Options: 78

Minimum Quantity: No minimum

2. YETI Rambler 14oz Stackable Mug


Whether it’s coffee, tea, or even just cold water, everyone needs a temperature-controlled beverage to get through their workday. This custom YETI mug is stackable, easy to clean, and keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. It can also show off your brand logo, company slogan, or special message, making it a great gift for a new hire.

Color Options: 5

Minimum Quantity: 48

3. Cougar Rubber Grip Ballpoint Pen


  • Why Pick It: A reliable custom pen for everyday use

Is any workspace really complete without a trusty pen? This rubber-grip ballpoint is one of our favorite pens for writing, combining comfort, utility, and value. A customized pen like this is an affordable (and necessary) inclusion in any corporate welcome kit.

Color Options: 3

Minimum Quantity: 125

4. 3-1/2" Football Stress Reliever


  • Why Pick It: A fun, affordable addition to any welcome kit

Let’s face it, every job has its stressors. A stress reliever is a classic—and affordable—corporate gift that’s readily customizable, making it a great addition to any employee welcome kit. 

Color Options: 1

Minimum Quantity: 200

5. Nike Brasilia Medium Backpack


  • Why Pick It: Quality backpack from a premium brand

Whether your new hire is traveling to the office every day or just walking to their favorite coffee shop, a quality commuter backpack makes for a uniquely useful gift—especially from a premium brand like Nike. Plus, if it doesn’t fit in your welcome basket, you can always use it as the basket.

Color Options: 4

Minimum Quantity: 6

6. CamelBak Eddy+ 25oz Bottle Tritan™ Renew


Everyone needs a trusty water bottle, and this branded bottle fits the bill. Made with all the durability and construction quality you’d expect from CamelBak, it’s also got a built-in concealable straw for all-day sipping. It’ll become every new hire’s go-to hydration companion.

Color Options: 4

Minimum Quantity: 18

7. 8.5" x 11" Lg Business Spiral Notebook


  • Why Pick It: Simple, useful, and custom-branded

Even in a largely digital office, office supplies are always useful. A custom-designed spiral notebook like this one gives new hires a place to handwrite onboarding notes, keep track of tasks, or even doodle while they sit through (and definitely pay full attention to) all those thrilling orientation videos.

Color Options: 2

Minimum Quantity: 75

8. Skullcandy Jib 2 True Wireless Earbuds


  • Why Pick It: Premium sound and mic for music and meetings

A decent pair of headphones is a must for any employee. Whether for listening to a podcast during the bus ride to work, playing music while filling out spreadsheets, or tuning into a remote meeting (particularly useful for remote or hybrid employees), these branded Skullcandy earbuds are sure to please any new hire.

Color Options: 1

Minimum Quantity: 6

9. CamelBak Can Cooler 12oz


  • Why Pick It: Fun branded swag for the weekend

Not all new hire swag needs to be specifically for office use. CamelBak’s 12oz can cooler fits in any employee welcome kit and shows you value rest and relaxation as much as your team members do. Plus, it’ll keep them showing off your company logo all through the weekend, promoting your brand while bolstering a sense of company pride.

Color Options: 1

Minimum Quantity: 12

10. Lanyard with Lobster Clip


  • Why Pick It: Convenient for displaying company identification

A lanyard might not seem like a major gift, but it can be hugely helpful for employees who have to show their credentials often. For companies with badge-secured offices, these are small yet useful additions for new hire welcome kits.

Color Options: 7

Minimum Quantity: 250

11. Flagship Cotton Crew Socks


  • Why Pick It: Fun, memorable, and useful

Custom socks may not jump out as an obvious new hire swag idea, but they could be a perfect choice for anyone looking to add a bit of flair to the usual company welcome pack. Available in just about any color you can imagine, they show off your company logo both in and out of the office.

Color Options: 111

Minimum Quantity: 30

12. Classic 6-Can Lunch Cooler


  • Why Pick It: Perfect everyday cooler for work lunches

With a six-can capacity, this custom cooler is perfect in the office or outdoors. It’s small enough to carry to and from work every day, but big enough to keep all your food, drinks, and snacks at temperature until lunchtime, with plenty of space for a company logo on the front.

Color Options: 3

Minimum Quantity: 60

13. Three Compartment Food Storage Bento Box


  • Why Pick It: Surprising and useful

If a cooler bag is too big for your company welcome kit, try scaling down to a bento box. This compact custom food storage option has multiple compartments to keep foods separate until lunchtime, and it fits snugly in any bag or lunchbox.

Color Options: 2

Minimum Quantity: 40

14. mophie® 3-in-1 Fabric Wireless Charging Pad


  • Why Pick It: Convenience at home or in the office

We’ve all been there: your charger wasn’t plugged in right, and your phone has 5% battery left by the time you get to the office. A wireless charging pad solves that problem by giving employees a convenient way to keep their devices powered all workday long—all while displaying your company logo.

Color Options: 1

Minimum Quantity: 4

15. Resty Phone and Tablet Stand


If you’re looking for a new hire swag idea that’s unique, practical, and inexpensive, look no further than a mobile device stand. Featuring your company logo, this allows your employees to keep their phones or tablets on display so they can keep their inboxes open or stream videos at their desks hands-free.

Color Options: 1

Minimum Quantity: 100

16. Retro Sunglasses


  • Why Pick It: Distinctly practical, stylish, and customizable company swag

Anyone who’s had to commute going east in the morning and west in the evening knows it’s always good to have an extra pair of eyewear handy. With their throwback styling and company logo, these custom sunglasses make a great piece of new hire swag for any welcome kit.

Color Options: 3

Minimum Quantity: 150

17. Big Accessories 5 Panel Cotton Baseball Cap


  • Why Pick It: Casual attire for after work

Whether it’s for casual days at the office or weekend treks outdoors, an embroidered hat is the perfect apparel option for corporate welcome kits. Displaying your company logo on the front, custom hats like these suit just about any budget and are always appreciated.

Color Options: 7

Minimum Quantity: 6

4 Welcome Kit Examples

Still not sure what to include in your corporate welcome kit? Here are a few examples of what other companies have given their new hires to jump-start their role and make them feel appreciated.

1. Microsoft


Source: Quora

Microsoft is known for treating their new hires and even interns to top-notch swag. These kits can differ from year to year, but in this example, they’ve assembled five branded office-friendly pieces for remote employees: a pen, a notebook, an insulated water bottle, a charging port, and a backpack.



Source: IMPACT

Those looking for a more modest company welcome pack can look to IMPACT’s example. Their kit includes work desk staples like a mouse pad and notebook, with fun extras like a bottle opener. 

3. Ogilvy & Mather


Source: Adweek

What’s so compelling about this advertising firm’s new hire kit is that it aligns so beautifully with its brand. Sharp, clean, modern, and expertly curated, this kit sets the bar from day one for the kind of quality employees can expect. While many of the items are the usual branded fare — USB drive, mini notebook, pencil — it’s also got useful literature and welcome materials.

4. Yelp


Source: Yelp

I’ll be honest — this package featuring items like a branded mug, coaster, and sticker isn’t actually a new employee welcome kit, per se. That’s because Yelp gives their employees so many care packages that it’s hard to keep up, but their approach to assembling swag kits is worth shouting out. They like to theme their kits around holidays while featuring community-oriented curations for events like Black History Month and Pride Month, which is a reminder that staying on a theme is a great idea. 

Picking the Right New Hire Swag for Your Welcome Kits

The main thing to remember when assembling a new hire welcome kit is that you want a combination of utility, relevance, and thoughtfulness. You can pack it with custom company swag, but it’s also helpful to consider what will be genuinely useful to new hires just starting to learn the ins and outs of their role.

So stock up on crowd-pleasing promotional products and assemble a collection of items that’ll help new hires get acquainted with your company.

Bryce Emley

About the Author

Based in New Mexico, Bryce Emley is a seasoned content writer and expert in the realms of custom apparel and eCommerce. Holding an MFA in Creative Writing, he seamlessly blends his passions, specializing in insightful content that bridges the gap between innovative apparel solutions and digital commerce trends. Beyond his professional pursuits, Bryce is an avid creator, channeling his creativity into poetry, screenplays, and creative nonfiction. In his leisure time, he has a penchant for collecting unique, vintage anime t-shirts, showcasing his love for both rare finds and the artistry of apparel design.