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12 Best Trade Show & Conference Giveaways

Bryce Emley

January 31, 2024

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If there’s one thing everyone loves about trade shows, it’s giveaways. Even at conferences focused on seemingly uninspiring topics, attendees always look forward to picking up a few pieces of swag or checking out the competition’s promotional products.

That’s what makes trade show giveaways such good branding opportunities — they allow you to capitalize on those positive associations and promote your brand to highly relevant markets. Since stakeholders at all levels attend trade shows, it can mean getting your brand top of mind for senior decision-makers.

The only drawback is, all your competitors are vying for the same attention. To stand out in the crowd, consider some of our favorite trade show giveaway ideas.

Our Top Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

Whether you’re gearing up for an upcoming conference or just getting swag ideas for this year’s trade shows, these are some of the best giveaways for trade shows. Each option goes beyond the usual custom pens and flash drives and spans a range of price points so you can find a product that suits your financial needs and promotional goals.

1. Stanley Quencher H2.O FlowState™ Tumbler 40 oz

Charcoal Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState 40 oz tumbler with light blue imprint

This custom tumbler will be an instant hit at any trade show. Backed by major publicity across social media and traditional media outlets, trade show attendees will line up for this premium drinkware from Stanley. With double-wall vacuum insulation for long-lasting temperature regulation, an included straw, and a huge 40oz capacity, it’ll get daily use, giving your logo consistent exposure.

2. CamelBak Can cooler 12oz

Black CamelBak 12 oz can cooler with gray logo

We’ve all seen the usual can cooker — and may even have a drawer full of them at home — but most people don’t have a drink accessory like this. Made by CamelBak, this vacuum-insulated variation on the typical flimsy version fits multiple can and bottle sizes with a non-slip silicone base that keeps canned or bottled drinks cold for much longer. Bearing your company logo, it’ll associate your brand with innovation and quality.

3. BAGedge 12 oz. Boat Tote Bag

Natural BAGedge 12 oz boat tote bag with black handles

Flimsy tote bags come and go, but the Zippered Canvas Bag will quickly become a go-to option for conference attendees. Made from thick, 100% cotton, this canvas bag was designed to hold just about anything you can fit inside. With an added zipper pocket, it makes for a practical, durable tradeshow giveaway option that takes your custom branding on the go.

4. 9-1/4 Inch Flyer

Royal blue 9 1/4 inch flying disc with white logo

Looking for something that stands out from the crowd and doesn’t break the proverbial bank? Interactive personalized trade show products like a 9-¼ Inch Flyer fit the bill. This fun alternative to the usual office-centric items shows off your brand’s playful side while giving conference attendees something they can enjoy away from their desks.

5. Packing Cubes 2pc Set

Black packing cubes 2 piece set with white logo

Packing cubes may not seem at first like obvious tradeshow promotional items, but they’re actually a perfect choice. Many conference-goers will have come from another city (or even country), so thoughtful giveaways that make return travel easier will definitely make your brand stand out. Just imagine attendees perusing tables of swag, wondering how they’ll get all their freebies home, then coming across your convenient branded packing cubes.

6. Skullcandy Jib 2 True Wireless Earbuds

Skullcandy Jib 2 True Wireless Earbuds with full color logo

The best trade show giveaways don’t compromise quality for branding opportunities — these premium wireless earbuds from Skullcandy are case in point. The Jib 2 earbuds pack in over 30 hours of listening time, a convenient app for finding a missing earbud, water-resistant construction, built-in mics, and — best of all — space on the case for your custom design. 

7. mophie® 3-in-1 Fabric Wireless Charging Pad

Mophie 3-in-1 fabric wirelesl charging pad with black logo

If you’re looking for a uniquely practical trade show giveaway idea, consider a wireless charging pad. With many attendees having to juggle multiple devices — and possibly forgetting a charging cable or two — a wireless charging solution could come in handy, projecting your brand as a thoughtful, problem-solving solution in the process.

8. Vanity 7-Piece Personal Care Kit

Black vanity 7-piece personal care kit with blue logo

Health and wellness items are often overlooked as swag options, but they can make great trade show giveaway options. A personal care kit is a perfect example, as it gives business travelers an array of necessary tools like nail clippers, scissors, a mini mirror, and tweezers so they can have the next best thing to their own bathroom cabinet while they’re on the go — from the flight home to their next conference.

9. Resty Phone and Tablet Stand

black Resty phone and tablet stand with full color logo

Sometimes, the simple items are the best ones. A basic phone stand may not seem like a big deal, but it can make for a great branded trade show giveaway. With plenty of surface space for your color custom design, it’s a handy yet affordable solution that trade show attendees won’t know they need until they see it on your table.

10. Modena Coffee Press and Glass Set


Help conference attendees unlock their inner barista with this elegant French press set. Complete with two elegant double-wall glasses and a sleek branded box for safe storage, this kitchenware is sure to impress everyone who stops at your table — even if they aren’t lucky enough to snag one for themselves.

11. Engineer Multi-Tool

black engineer multi-tool with engraved logo

If you’re looking for tradeshow promotional items that are simple, portable, practical, and affordable — not to mention unique — take a look at this multi-tool. With your logo engraved on the shaft, this handy concept combines multiple screwdriver heads into one pocket-size piece ready to handle myriad tasks. Though this item doesn’t include blades or sharp objects, it may be worth checking your trade show venue’s rules to ensure they allow vendors to bring tools like these.

12. Retro Sunglasses

Black retro sunglasses with white logo

Sometimes, classic is best. This staple trade show promo piece is simple, cost-effective, identifiable, and always in demand. Available in three colors to help your custom design pop, retro sunglasses look cool when the sun’s out and are the perfect addition to any suite of branded giveaway items at a conference or trade show.

Trade Show Giveaway Benefits

Every company goes to a trade show for the same basic reason: to promote their brand. That means competition can be fierce, but in some industries, a consistent trade show presence is indispensable. 

There are a few things that make in-person branding at trade shows incredibly valuable:

  • Attendees are, by design, highly targeted and aligned with your industry.
  • Many attendees are either in the market for your product/service or are purchase-ready.
  • Trade shows offer a rare opportunity for physical, in-person demos.
  • Trade shows are high-profile occasions tailored to sales, launches, and promotions.
  • You gain access to untapped markets potentially from around the world.

How to Pick the Best Trade Show Giveaways for Your Brand

Ready to whittle down these potential trade show giveaway ideas to the right ones for your brand and market? Here are a few characteristics your product pick needs to have:

  • Ample space for custom branding
  • Alignment with your brand and the expectations of your market
  • Eye-catching desirability that drives interest in a sea of competing giveaways
  • Genuine usefulness
  • Quality design and construction that reflects the quality of your brand
  • Portability to and from the trade show
  • Cost-effective bulk pricing

More Ideas for Trade Show and Conference Giveaways

Above all else, the best trade show and conference giveaway ideas stand out by proudly demonstrating your brand to the world. Remember, to get the most out of your giveaway, it needs to be something people will be excited to use or wear while endorsing your brand in the process.

If the options above aren’t quite what you’re looking for, check out the full RushOrderTees catalog of promotional products you can easily design online and ship to meet even the most urgent timeline.

Bryce Emley

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