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Get insight into why you should consider polyester for your t-shirts. We've assembled 5 reasons why you should consider this synthetic fabric.

Which is better, Jerzees or Gildan? We compare the top hoodies from each brand in side-by-side comparisons to evaluate fabric, fit, softness & more.

Learn more about the eco-friendly and comfort benefits of organic cotton clothing. Plus, check out our organic product suggestions for customization!

How should a t-shirt fit? Learn about t-shirt construction, fits, and principles of what makes a great fit. In addition, get our recommendations.

Are your great custom t-shirt designs legal? Learn more about copyright and what you can do to avoid a violation here!

Learn how to save money when printing custom apparel. Find easy ways to trim costs and understand the tradeoffs.

Comparing the top 3 Gildan tees - cover image

We break down the most popular Gildan t-shirts. Get the details on the Gildan G200, G800, and G500 t-shirts by material, size, color, and more.

Buying a variety of sizes for large orders is easy. Get our recommended size distribution ratio and proper breakdown that works for any bulk apparel order.

Which is better, Hanes or Gildan? We compare the top T-shirts from each brand in side-by-side comparisons to evaluate fabric, fit, softness & more.

Understand the different types of t-shirt fabrics to determine which is the best for you. Get details on cotton, polyester and blends to get the pros and cons of each.

We compared over a dozen of our softest T-shirts to find out which material is the softest. Learn about cotton, CVC, and tri-blend fabric.

Get insight into the Comfort Colors brand of t-shirts. Learn about the brand that pioneered the garment-dyed, soft-wash style.

Get a detailed look at how to find the right fit and sizing for women’s T-shirts. See detailed size charts, fit comparisons, examples and more.

Which is better, Bella+Canvas or Next Level? We compare the top T-shirts from each brand in side-by-side comparisons to evaluate fabric, fit, softness & more.

Get the basics of tri-blend shirts. Learn about the fabric, how it's made, why it's become a favorite, product recommendations, and more.

The Cost of Custom T-shirts: 10 Factors That Determine Pricing

How much custom t-shirts cost is one of the most common questions we get, and there is no single answer because it depends. Knowing the variables involved will help get you the best bang for your budget. This article briefly explains each factor that goes into the cost of custom tees so that you can apply that information to your needs. Let's break it down.

Deciding on what t-shirts to get? Bella+Canvas and Gildan are two of our top-selling brands. They both make high-quality apparel that’s great for customizing. But they are not the same. We put some of their top shirts in direct, side-to-side comparisons. This article breaks down the differences, giving you the expert advice you need to make an informed decision based on your purposes. 

Wearing the right custom gym shirts can make all the difference in achieving fitness goals. When creating branded workout gear for a company, team, to sell, or just for yourself, there's a lot to consider–but don't sweat it. Learn the 4 most important features of a great custom gym shirt, along with examples and expert tips to get you in shape.

Discover the ultimate guide to t-shirt styles, where we break down the essential types and how to rock each one with confidence. From classic crew necks to trendy oversized fits, find your perfect match.