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RushOrderTees is a nationwide leader in custom apparel. Our screen printing, digital printing, and embroidery services create t-shirts, hoodies, hats and related apparel for individuals as well as group. Our staff regularly contributes knowledge and expertise to our blog to help those interested in creating custom apparel.

Get insight into why you should consider polyester for your t-shirts. We've assembled 5 reasons why you should consider this synthetic fabric.

Learn about dye migration and why it's a common problem in screen printing. Understand the methods we've developed to prevent it.

Hip hop is responsible for some of the most classic artist logos of the last several decades. See our picks for the 10 the best to ever do it.

Learn about the basic tools used for screenprinting including film positives, mesh screens, squeegees, and more.

Which is better, Jerzees or Gildan? We compare the top hoodies from each brand in side-by-side comparisons to evaluate fabric, fit, softness & more.

13 t-shirts that changed the face of rock and roll

A band's merchandise should be as unique and expressive as their music. We've assembled 13 t-shirts that forever changed the way we see rock and roll music.

This Year's Best Fraternity Rush T-Shirt Designs

When it comes to fraternity rush, first impressions are everything. Get design ideas that will make a lasting impression on pledges and brothers alike.

see cool shirt designs

Get some design ideas on how to create cool shirt designs from the creative team a RushOrderTees.

Rush Order Tees DIY Series Banner Photo

Learn how to dramatically improve your t-shirt design by removing the background from images. Get tips, tricks, and more.

Believe it or not, it can sometimes be difficult to find crafts projects that are fun, but also kid-friendly. Here are 6 safe and easy-to-do t-shirt crafts for kids of all ages.

We count down the 10 most iconic team names from movies and TV shows. Does your favorite fictional team make the cut?

Hip Hop Logos Banner

Hip hop is responsible for some of the most classic artist logos of the last several decades. See our picks for the 10 the best to ever do it.

80 Cartoons banner

The 1980s had some great cartoon characters . Check out these overlooked and forgotten characters worth another look.

T-shirts for the Bachelor

Whether you’re the groom or the best man, get some great bachelor party t-shirt ideas seen by our production staff.

Father's Day T-shirts

Get Father's Day custom shirt ideas for your Dad. Select from an assortment of designs that are easily customizable in our online Design Studio.

The t-shirt has not only become a part of common fashion, but it has ascended to high fashion too. Check out five of the most expensive t-shirts money can buy.

History of T-shirts

T-shirts were originally undergarments, but have since evolved. Learn about their history and how they've become a comfortable form of self-expression.

Charity event t-shirt

Learn about how to make your charity event t-shirt a more effective tool. From raising awareness to volunteer support, we cover it all.

Rush Order Tees Inc 5000

Learn more about RushOrderTees' inclusion in Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.

Online customer reviews

Get insightful tips on how to encourage customers to leave positive reviews. Ask questions, making it easy, and offering incentives are just a few.

Ways to Promote a 5k

Learn the best ways to promote your 5k event, many of which are low or no cost.

Get helpful ideas on how to start a t-shirt business from people that know, RushOrderTees. Benefit from our experiences to set yourself up for success.

Graffiti fonts in design

Find graffiti fonts that can give your designs a playfulness that can't be found in others. See some of our favorites & get inspired.

See five of the best collaborations between street artists and streetwear brands over the past few years.

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is a popular customization method. Learn about this digital technology and how it's used to create attractive custom apparel.


Learn how to make sure that the logo on your custom business apparel matches your brand. Get the basics on color matching to ensure brand consistency.


Learn what to look for when searching for a t-shirt printing company. Benefit from our years of experience to find the best match for you.

Get an introduction to Tackle twill embroidery. Learn about what it is, popular uses and more.

Learn more about the eco-friendly and comfort benefits of organic cotton clothing. Plus, check out our organic product suggestions for customization!

Have the perfect spooky theme for your Halloween party this year with help from our top 20 spooktacular Halloween party theme ideas!