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Critical Information to Include on a Charity Event Shirt

August 22, 2016

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Planning a charity event is hard work. In order for an event to be a smash hit, you must pay careful attention to every detail. One particularly important detail is the thing your participants will leave with–their event shirt.

Charity event t-shirts make for a great wearable on the day of your event, unite your participants in the cause, and act as your participants’ souvenirs. After the event, they serve as a reminder for the good that was done. Everyone loves a good keepsake! In order to make the most out of this investment, you’ll want to create a an appealing shirt with a clear message. Ultimately, when the right information is included in your design, your shirt acts as a tool to raise more awareness for your cause.

When creating your next charity event shirt, make sure to include all of the following critical information:

The name of the charity

If you hope to maximize the effects of your charity event t-shirts, you need to display the name of your charity in a way that’s easy to read and commands attention. If the charity has a recognizable logo, use that. Otherwise, clear and bold text works just fine. Consider repeating the name on both the back and front of the t-shirt for maximum impressions.

The name of the event

Some charities are known almost exclusively for the specific events they put on. Other charities host annual events that keep them relevant with participants who return year after year. Whether you’ve held your event before or are just starting out, it’s critical to include your event name on your t-shirt. This will help to increase awareness for your event, and sometimes, the promise of a t-shirt is enough incentive for people to sign up for an event. Make sure that when people see your shirt worn in public, they know exactly what it’s for.

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The year of the event

If your charity puts on an annual event, or you suspect that it will become one, it is vital to include the year in your t-shirt design. By adding the year on your shirt somewhere on large enough to be seen (perhaps after the event name), you create a collectible item that people will want to keep coming back for!

Where to get more information

If you want your charity event t-shirt to truly act as a marketing piece for the uninitiated, you need to make it easy for people to get more information once you’ve peaked their interest. While the hope is that the t-shirt sparks conversation and encourages people to share their own involvement, sometimes it will only been seen in passing. By adding a website where people can get more information, however, you ensure that even those passing by have an easy way to learn more and get involved.


Race Sponsors

Most charitable events wouldn’t be possible without the generous donation of caring sponsors. Don’t forget to include their logos on your event t-shirts! In some cases, this comes as part of their donation package, but even it it’s not contractual, it’s the right thing to do. Including their logo will make them more likely to donate or sponsor for future events. Don’t risk missing out on future sponsorship opportunities–make sure you cover your back!


Though not technically critical information to include on a charity event t-shirt, good t-shirt design often makes the difference between a t-shirt that gets thrown away and forgotten, and a beloved t-shirt that gets worn until it’s threadbare. Oftentimes, design is the last thing people think about, but it should be a part of initial plans. If you need help, Rush Order Tees has several tools to make sure your design turns out exactly how you want it.

Designing your event t-shirt is all about covering your bases. Be sure to include all of the information that potential participants would need to know. When done right, charity event t-shirts can contribute to the success of your event for years to come.

Have you been a part of designing a charity event t-shirt before? What were some of the things you learned through the process? We’d love it if you could share your expertise in the comments with others just getting started!

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