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Fraternity Rush T-Shirt Designs that Will Boost Your Recruitment Game


February 17, 2022

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T-Shirt Ideas For Fraternity Rush & Events

There are over 120 national Fraternities in the U.S., and it is purported there are an additional 5,000 local and non-traditional ones, as well.

So how do you stand out during Rush? How do you get prospective pledges interested enough in your fraternity to attend your events, talk with your brothers, learn about your rich culture and history, and show them why you’re the best frat ever?

When it comes to fraternity rush, as every good house knows, first impressions are everything. In order to keep someone’s attention, you must first acquire it. And the best way to attract quality candidates is with quality custom fraternity apparel – it’s elegant, it’s professional, and it makes a statement that will last longer than any cheaply baked cookie or hand-painted banner.

These fraternity shirt designs can help keep prospective pledges interested in your house:

Cool Rush T-Shirt Designs

The secret to a great rush t-shirt that’ll have a lasting impact is actually pretty self-evident: be interesting. People, whether you want to attract them to your business or your fraternity, are captivated by interesting stuff. Is one of your brothers an art major? A graphic designer? Listens to a lot of Grateful Dead and Phish and is really “open minded?” Talk to that guy about drawing up some wild outside-the-box artwork, and toss it on a t-shirt. Not only will it attract the best prospective pledges, but it will never wind up being a dresser drawer liner or just another shop rag.

Keep Calm and Rush _________ T-Shirts

These silly fraternity rush t-shirts have become so popular over the last few years, we decided to place them in a category of their own.

These shirts, posters, bumper stickers, and Internet memes are the things of marketing legend. Instantly recognizable, these shirts, based on old British World War II-era morale posters, are a surefire way to attract attention to your fraternity. Keep it straight forward, or be cheeky, with phrases like, “Keep Calm and Call My Big” or “Keep Calm and Keg Stand.”


Funny Fraternity Rush T-Shirts

Fraternities are all about philanthropy, character, and turning good men into better men. They will test your perseverance, your honor, and your work ethic. There is a reason why 85% of all Fortune 500 company executives belong to fraternities, and why every U.S. president and vice president (save for two) are fraternity men.

… But you know what they say about all work and no play.

Funny t-shirts are a great way to show prospective pledges and new members that your fraternity is about more than just recruiting and business, and that you understand the importance of fun and frivolity.


Classic Hard Letters

There is nothing that says, “I’m in a fraternity – ask me about it” than classic hard lettered t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. They’ve been a staple of the Greek community for decades, and they’re one of the best and most common ways of drawing attention to your fraternity. The intent and message of this kind of apparel is clear: “This is my fraternity, and I want to say it loud and proud! Ask me what it’s like to be a brother of _______.” They come in a variety of color combinations, sizes, and fonts, and are frequently screen printed, tackle twilled, or embroidered onto the front of the garment.



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