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The 5 Most Expensive T-shirts Money Can Buy

10/03/2019 by RushOrderTees.com

They say that money can’t buy you happiness, and as it turns out, sometimes it can’t even buy you a t-shirt.  Think that high-paying job and rent controlled apartment you were lucky enough to snag entitle you to all of life’s finer things?  Think again.  Some of the most desired t-shirts on the market today can cost thousands and thousands of your hard-earned dollars.  You might think you’re breaking the bank when you purchase a band tee from the concert you just went to, but in comparison to some of the world’s most expensive t-shirts, you’re truly making a cost-conscious decision. 

What does it take to make a tee one of the most expensive wardrobe choices around?  Consider it a combination of the materials that go into it, the name stitched onto its tag, the demand from the public, and what limits are put on the manufactured quantity.  When you discover the magic recipe of all those factors, you might find yourself with an insanely high profit margin.

Take a look at some of the most costly t-shirts you can set your sights on.  Just don’t plan on wearing them–ever.  Rips and stains won’t get you a refund.

Fendi Look 18 Tee – $650


Fendi t-shirt

Without a doubt, a lot of us wouldn’t be allowed to enter a Fendi store if we happened to come across one, and we would absolutely be too terrified to touch or try on anything once we got a glimpse at some of the price tags.  This t-shirt, however, is a relatively moderately priced item from the designer, coming in at a cost of $650.  Our only question here is who would that much for something that looks strikingly similar to the No Fear brand’s logo we all rocked in the 90s for (literally) a tiny fraction of the cost?

Fists of Fury – $3,000

Bruce lee shirt

Consider yourself a cult movie fan?  We’re wondering what level of fandom it would take to compel someone to purchase a 1970s original of this Bruce Lee t-shirt for $3,000.  No matter how silly you may think a good karate chop to the head can be, consider the fact that the actual vintage piece has multiple buyers watching it on eBay.com as we speak.

The Beatles – $20,000

Beatles butcher cover t-shirt

Music fans, don’t spend too much time gawking at what the martial arts movie buffs might consider buying.  You could do a different search on eBay to reveal a tee with the Beatles’ Butcher Cover album on sale for a cool $20,000.  Because it’s a much more enjoyable experience to wear a cotton shirt with a picture of an album than to listen to the actual album…right?

Diamond Studded Shirt – $400,000


Diamond t-shirt

Okay, okay.  Maybe the sentimental value for some shirts doesn’t necessarily translate into dollar signs for everyone.  Try considering something that has a little more rock-solid backing to the price tag.

This may look like any other printed tee, but with a closer glance you can see that 16 sewn-on diamonds help to justify the $400,000 cost. Plus, it’s black cotton makeup is very slimming, something we’re all willing to shell out the big bucks for. Considering a non-traditional wedding?  Get your fiancé to propose with this instead of the ever-cliché engagement ring. Yes, this is the most expensive t-shirt in the world.

Kanye’s White Tee – $120


White t-shirt

If the previous options are just a tad over your budget, consider browsing through the more affordable clothing line created by Kanye West.  Here, you see a practical, sturdy, plain white t-shirt that sells for only $120. Unlike many of the headlines surrounding Mr. West, this has no frills, and no embellishments–just the equivalent of about two full days of work for those making minimum wage. But the biggest surprise of all here…this is actually a picture of a Hanes shirt that sells for $3.99. How many of you could tell the difference?

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