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Additional Services

At RushOrderTees we offer a range of additional design services to ensure that your shirts look great. In most cases, these design services are provided at no additional cost, but others require a fee.

Free Services

We offer a range of services at no cost. These can be requested by leaving special instructions in Design Studio or contacting us by phone, email, or chat.

Design Customization

In cases where an existing design requires significant revisions, our design team can provide additional assistance. They can make a range of design adjustments, including improving image quality, adjusting colors, tweaking clipart, and more.

Fades, Gradients & Halftones

Improving the blend of colors in screen printing can require some time-consuming design adjustments when creating a fade, gradient, or halftone. This may require changing the shape, size, and orientation of the tiny shapes that make up the pattern that combines colors.

Full-Color Printing on Dark Apparel

Also known as Simulated Process, applying a full-color print on dark apparel requires extra planning and materials to ensure a quality result.

Paid Services

Some services can make a design truly standout, but the level of effort needed requires us to charge a fee. More information can be obtained about these can be obtained by contacting us by phone, email, or chat.

Pantone Color Matching

Organizations with an established brand and color scheme typically need those colors to be matched exactly. The Pantone Color System is a universal color matching system that our design team can use to ensure that our apparel customizations will match a brand’s color scheme exactly.

Learn more about the Pantone Color Matching system here.

Alternate Location Printing

While we offer printing on multiple areas on a range of garments, there are some that require significant additional effort. These include:

  • Sleeve
  • Above wrists/cuff
  • Lower long sleeve
  • Back shoulders
  • Front shoulders
  • Tag area