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Design Adjustments

We want to do everything in our power to make sure that your custom apparel looks great, so RushOrderTees offers a range of free services to improve your design. On request, we can make a wide range of design adjustments that include the following.

Image Quality

Adequate image quality is necessary to produce excellent customized apparel. Our Design Team reviews image quality, and if it’s of poor quality, we can replace it with a higher-quality image provided by you. In some cases, we may be able to make adjustments to improve image quality without a replacement.

If an image requires extensive editing, adjustment, or re-creation, an additional fee will be necessary.



Accurate placement ensures that the graphic elements are correctly located on the garment to create a balanced appearance. In addition, this will make sure that each graphic element will be seen as intended.



To avoid an off-balance appearance, our team will review your design to ensure that it is centered correctly.


Background Removal

Our team can remove the background from images to create a clean, more professional look.


Color Changes


Print Size Adjustment

Applying the same size graphic across multiple sizes produced images that are out of proportion, so we can scale your graphic to keep everyone looking good, regardless of size.


Contrast Adjustment

Text without sufficient contrast can’t be easily understood, so our Design Team can quickly correct this issue.


Convert Full Color to Black and White

We can make an ordinary full-color image into an extraordinary black and white design with minimal effort. In addition, using few colors may even save you money!


Clip Art Adjustments

Our team can make adjustments to Clip Art to help you enhance your designs. Consider these adjustments that our Design Team can make on request.

Coloring Clip Art


Inverting Clip Art


Masking Multiple Clipart


Full Collor on White Apparel: CMYK Process

Screen printing photorealistic images on light-colored items requires technique and we have plenty. Our production staff prints hundreds per month and we’ll ensure that your order is flawless.

Full Collor on Dark Apparel: Simulated Process

Screen printing on dark-colored items presents a number of challenges, but our team is expert in using simulated process printing.

Contact Us For Design Help

Our project specialists are available to help 7 days a week using these methods:

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