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Design Proofs

To minimize potential disappointment and speed the production process, RushOrderTees may send a digital design proof that must be reviewed and approved before the order is submitted to production.

A design proof is a representation of the design on a shirt, hoodie, or another garment. It’s an example of the printed design on the selected garment.

Orders & Design Proof Approval

Since RushOrderTees receives hundreds of orders daily, we will only request the approval of a Design Proof for orders that meet the following criteria:

  • Orders of at least 15 pieces
  • Orders that receive a significant change after submission

Although Design Proof approval is not required for orders that don’t meet these criteria, our production staff performs an artwork review to identify and correct obvious errors. In addition, we upload an order preview to every customer’s My Account page before the order goes into production.

How Are Design Proof Approval Requests Sent?

Design Proofs approval requests are sent to customers via email using the email address used when submitting the order. In addition, a notification will appear on your My Account page.

Approve the Design Proof ASAP to Avoid Delays

To avoid any delay in production and delivery, Design Proofs must be reviewed and approved as soon as possible. Because we work on tight timelines, any delay in approval may result in a delayed delivery date.

Contact Us For Help

Our project specialists are available to help 7 days a week using these methods:

  • Call: (800) 620-1233
  • Email:
  • Chat: Start a live chat