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Artwork Review

To ensure that you have an enjoyable experience, RushOrderTees’ performs an artwork review on every order submitted. It’s our goal to identify any issues that may create production delays and prevent your customized apparel from being the best it can be.

Common Artwork Adjustments

Although the number of potential mistakes is almost unlimited, our Design Team finds that the most common errors include:

  • Sizing - Improperly sized elements
  • Positioning - Poorly placed elements that create an out-of-balance appearance
  • Poor Image Resolution - Low image quality that will create a poor print

Learn more about the Design Adjuments that we can make free of charge here.

Proofs After Changes

In some cases when a significant change is made to a submitted order, our Design Team will notify you that a change has been made and ask for your approval. This typically occurs when a dramatic change is needed, or when an order is at least 15 pieces.

If the change is considered a minor adjustment, a proof and request for approval will not be sent.