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40 Popular Golf Team Names

A good name can make your golf team stand out from the crowd. In a sport that traditionally focuses on the individual, a creative golf team name brings players together as a group. Whether building esprit de corp or having fun, a cleverly crafted name can make competition fun. If you’re having a tough time developing a name for your golf team, consider these options from four popular categories.

Good Golf Team Names

  1. Duffers
  2. The Pappy Putters
  3. The Four Divots
  4. Strokes of Luck
  5. Sod Saviors
  6. Team Green
  7. Big Hitters
  8. Designated Drivers
  9. Rough Riders
  10. Restless Doglegs

Funny Golf Team Names

  1. 3 1/2 Men
  2. Hackers & Packers
  3. Hole in Nones
  4. Tee Totallers
  5. The Tree Stooges
  6. The Waterboys
  7. 19th Holers
  8. Geriatric Tigers
  9. Fowl Assassins
  10. UnderParFect

Cool Golf Team Names

  1. Pin High
  2. Grip It 'n Rip It
  3. Hole-In-One-Gang
  4. Gang Green
  5. Fore Bros
  6. Sultans of Swing
  7. Fairway Ninjas
  8. Birdie Boyz
  9. Bunker Buddies
  10. Grass Masters

Fantasy Golf Team Names

  1. The Deuce of Hazards
  2. Against the Grain
  3. Hack Attack
  4. Bag Shaggers
  5. Sir Shanksalot
  6. Carl Spackler, Jr.
  7. Grip & Sip
  8. Jabba the Putt
  9. Sand Trapperz
  10. Slice and Dice

Tips for Naming Golf Teams

  • Be Appropriate - Use a name that’s appropriate for the situation
  • Be Brief - Keep your team name to less than three words
  • Use Golf Terms - Terms like eagle, rough, and mulligan make it fun
  • Be Positive - Demonstrate confidence & anticipated success
  • Check Competitors - Avoid confusion by making sure your team name is unique