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40 Popular Bowling Team Names

A great name will make your bowling team stand out in any league. From being suggestive of your skill, to simply having fun among friends, a good bowling team name is something around which everyone can rally. If you’re struggling to find the perfect bowling team name for your league, consider these options from four popular categories.

Good Bowling Team Names

  1. Split Decision
  2. Sandbaggers
  3. Hellacious Hookers
  4. Ballbarians
  5. No Spares Here
  6. Very Pinteresting
  7. Lucky Strikes
  8. Split Personalities
  9. Gutter Gang
  10. Pin Bowl Wizards

Funny Bowling Team Names

  1. The Bowling Stones
  2. Pinheads
  3. Cereal Bowlers
  4. Bedpost Buddies
  5. Brooklyn Bowlers
  6. Gutter Dwellers
  7. Deadwood Dicks
  8. Split Happens
  9. Sticky Fingers
  10. Time to Spare

Cool Bowling Team Names

  1. Rolling Thunder
  2. Leadoff Men
  3. Rock 'N Rollers
  4. Headhunters
  5. Ballistic
  6. Pin Pals
  7. Incredibowls
  8. The Oddballs
  9. Pickup Artists
  10. Hot Shots

Ladies' Bowling Team Names

  1. Dolls with Balls
  2. Pindigo Girls
  3. Split Enz
  4. Bowlerinas
  5. Britney Spares
  6. Tidy Bowlers
  7. Bowling Bunnies
  8. The Pinups
  9. Gutter Mouths
  10. Knockouts

Tips for Naming Bowling Teams

  • Keep It Simple - The best bowling team names are easily understood
  • Be Brief - Shorter names are easier to remember
  • Use Bowling Terms - Using strike, kegler, turkey, or badger will make it fun
  • Play on Words - Add a clever twist on words to make it memorable
  • Check Trademarks - Make sure that the name isn't trademarked by another organization