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40 Popular Baseball Team Names

Soccer is among the most popular sports in the United States, but finding the right team name can be challenging. A good team name can be assembled from parts including mascots, a town, neighborhood, area landmark, or other options. If you’re struggling to create your own soccer team name, consider these options from four popular categories.

Good Baseball Team Names

  1. Dirt Devils
  2. Sandlot
  3. Yellow Jackets
  4. Greyhounds
  5. Mudcats
  6. Badgers
  7. Bandits
  8. Red, White & Blues
  9. Thunder
  10. Barnstormers

Funny Baseball Team Names

  1. Base Invaders
  2. Balking Dead
  3. Bunt Force Trauma
  4. Rally Cats
  5. Balled & Beautiful
  6. Off-White Sox
  7. McGlovin
  8. BeLeaguered
  9. Special Ks
  10. Battitudes

Cool Baseball Team Names

  1. Raiders
  2. Minutemen
  3. Knights
  4. Gold Rush
  5. Avengers
  6. Militia
  7. Shockers
  8. Vandals
  9. Isotopes
  10. Crush

Fantasy Baseball Team Names

  1. Covidiots
  2. 10th Man
  3. Podunk Posse
  4. Balled & Beautiful
  5. Here Comes the Runs
  6. Hit for Brains
  7. One Hit Wonders
  8. Belly Itchers
  9. Pancake Batters
  10. Balk to Me Dirty

Tips for Naming Baseball Teams

  • Keep It Simple - Make sure players and fans understand the mascot
  • Be Brief - Don’t name a baseball team with more than three words
  • Use Geography - Incorporate a local city or neighborhood to show a local allegiance
  • Use a Fierce Animal Name - Show other teams that you’re ready to fight
  • Check Trademarks - Make sure that the name isn't trademarked by another organization