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Custom Sports Shirts

From intramural community games to championship-winning high school teams, every athlete deserves custom gear that will make them feel professional and unify them with their teammates. Friends, family, coaches and fans can get in on the action too with matching gear to show their team spirit!

How to Make a Custom Sports Shirt 

The exact design of your sports apparel will depend on what you are using them for: are they going to be game uniforms? Or maybe just something to wear during warm ups and practice? Is your sport indoors or outdoors? 

Once you figure out their main purpose, you can start to think about what you want to include in your design. Most sports themed shirts and apparel include: 

  • Team mascot and name
  • Player number
  • Player Names (or nicknames)
  • Team motto
  • Team colors 

If your team is part of an organization like a high school or university, you may already have artwork for a mascot or team logo that you want to use. You can easily upload your own artwork in our Design Studio and even match Pantone colors to make sure the designs printed match your team’s look and feel. How’s that for official?

What are sports shirts made of?

Sportswear, athletic wear and performance wear are usually different names for the same thing. And they often have one main thing in common: moisture wicking fabric. 

True moisture wicking fabric helps pull moisture away from your skin, keeping you cooler and helping your body regulate its temperature. Moisture wicking fabric won’t cling to you and is most often made with a synthetic material like polyester.

Sports Design Templates

Need some ideas to get you started? Check out our curated selection of design templates. 

Sports & Teams Design Ideas