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Real Life Heroes Design Templates

Inspiring design ideas for heroes (because they don't all wear capes)

Template: 1210294

Template: 256336

Template: 1210311

Template: 1224188

Template: 1210332

Template: 1224108

Template: 255765

Template: 1205080

Template: 1205050

Template: 1224330

Template: 1205065

Template: 1210381

Template: 1210440

Template: 1210417

Template: 1223766

Template: 255781

Template: 1223639

Template: 1224313

Template: 1223686

Template: 1282638

Template: 1224215

Template: 255898

Template: 255759

Template: 1282633

Template: 256360

Template: 255772

Template: 1204976

Template: 255758

Template: 442095

Template: 1282605

Template: 257245

Template: 1282521

Template: 442100

Template: 1205099

Template: 1205091

Template: 442092

Template: 1282602

Template: 257238

Template: 1224137

Template: 1282508

Template: 1282506

Template: 1282514

Template: 1205019

Template: 1205030

Template: 1205004

Template: 1282556

Template: 1282564

Template: 1282567

Template: 1282560

Template: 1282562

Template: 293261

Template: 257262

Template: 257255

Template: 1205126

Template: 1205104

Template: 1282589

Template: 1282584

Do you know a real-life hero? Creating custom t-shirts from RushOrderTees is the perfect way to show support for first responders, military service members, and veterans

Our template gallery makes it easy to design custom apparel for fire departments, police personnel, and EMS providers. Once you select a template, you can use our online design studio to include your department’s name and logo. 

Our templates are also great for military service members and their families. Whether your loved one is graduating from boot camp or returning home from their final mission, designing a custom t-shirt is the perfect way to celebrate their bravery.

Real Life Heroes Design Template FAQ

Can I include a photo of my hero if I use a template?

We encourage it! Use our online design studio to easily include full-color photos of your hero on the front or back of your design.

Do I need to place a minimum order to use real life hero templates?

Not necessarily! Check out our no minimums section to browse our selection of products that can be ordered individually and in small quantities.

Can I include a logo, crest, or badge if I use a template?

Absolutely! Our online design studio makes it easy to upload original artwork (like crests and badges) to your template design.

Can I order children’s sizes if I use real life hero templates?

Yes! We offer a range of custom children's products and sizes for your tiniest supporters.