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Custom T-Shirt Design Ideas & Templates

Find customization inspiration for shirts with our design ideas

Using T-Shirt Design Templates: 3 Tips

Off-the-shelf t-shirt design ideas can save lots of time, but we’ve found that the most effective designs consistently follow several basic practices. Consider these tips when editing our templates to get the best possible results:

Make Adjustments to the Template

Take the time to adjust the design to create a custom shirt. Tweaks like adjusting the color, adjusting the layout, and editing text will create maximum impact with minimal time investment.

Use Contrasting Colors

Ensure that your design will be visible by using contrasting colors. Placing a design on a similarly colored shirt will make it less visible and produce a substandard result.

Limit Design Colors & Size to Reduce Price

Our design ideas are created to keep costs low, but change that. Costs can be limited by using fewer colors for printed shirts and keeping designs smaller for embroidered items.

You can get a free estimate for custom shirts with the Quote Calculator on any product page, or reach out to our sales team at (800) 620-1233.

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