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School Spirit Design Templates

Check out these t-shirt designs to show off your school spirit

Template: 5625703

Template: 5625743

Template: 5625780

Template: 5625822

Template: 5627540

Template: 5627664

Template: 5627720

Template: 5627777

Template: 5627847

Template: 5627878

Template: 5627936

Template: 5628008

Template: 5628062

Template: 5628154

Template: 5628199

Template: 5628265

Template: 5628352

Template: 5628445

Template: 5628593

Template: 5628912

Template: 5629012

Template: 5629070

Template: 5629134

Template: 5629166

Template: 5630931

Template: 5630973

Template: 5631111

Template: 5631146

Template: 5631226

Template: 5631274

Template: 5631299

Template: 5631340

Template: 5631397

Template: 5631454

Template: 5631522

Template: 5631681

Template: 5631731

Template: 5631804

Template: 5631835

Template: 5632022

Template: 5632119

Template: 5632157

Template: 5632635

Template: 5634703

Template: 5634747

Template: 5634974

Template: 5635158

Template: 5635735

Template: 5642507

Template: 5642614

Template: 5642565

Template: 5642537

Template: 5642705

Template: 5642728

Template: 5642894

Template: 5642986

Template: 5643046

Template: 5643088

Template: 5768574

Template: 5768676

Template: 5769971

Template: 5770018

Template: 5770052

Template: 5770095

Template: 5770149

Template: 5770186

RushOrderTees has everything you need to create awesome custom apparel for your school. With thousands of items and near-endless ways to customize them, it’s no wonder we’re the go-to for custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more.

Not sure where to start your design? Try these school templates. Pick your favorite, then use our Design Studio to add your school’s name and logo. Let us know when you need it by and we’ll make sure it arrives on time!

School Templates FAQs

How can I use these school templates?

However you want! Put them on whatever apparel you like, and change the design to suit your style.

Is there a minimum order size if I use these templates?

Use these templates to decorate apparel from our ‘no minimums’ section if you only want to order one or two pieces. Otherwise, our screen printing requires a minimum order of three pieces. Custom embroidery requires a six-piece minimum order.

How much do custom shirts cost?

The cost of your custom apparel depends on the type of apparel, the quantity you order, and the number of ink or thread colors you choose.

What if I’m not satisfied with the way the template prints?

Unhappy with your custom apparel experience? Contact us within 15 days of delivery and we’ll make it right.