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School T-Shirt Design Templates

Find t-shirt design templates for school students, teachers & supporters

An attractive school t-shirt design boosts student, teacher, and staff pride. So we've assembled 197+ pre-made school shirt ideas to simplify the design process. Sure to get your creative juices flowing, these templates are completely customizable and will save hours struggling to develop design ideas for your school.

There are plenty of options to choose from as part of our custom school shirt designs. From back-to-school celebrations, class t-shirts, shirts for elementary schools, field day, homecoming, middle school, preschool, or for teachers, everything you need is right here. 

We even have shirt designs for marching bands or a uniformed look on a school trip. Browse our school t-shirt designs for your faculty, district, team, or class. 

Customizing our off-the-shelf school shirt designs is as easy as 1-2-3!

Simply select one of our shirt templates and customize it to your taste. Every design can be easily adjusted by changing color, adding or removing elements, updating text, and more. We've made creating a custom school t-shirt design simple.

School Shirt Design Template FAQs