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Team Personalization

Custom Names and Numbers for a Personalized Touch

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What is Team Personalization?

Team Customization, also known as "custom names and numbers" or "individualization", is the use of custom cut vinyl to add custom names and numbers to any item of your choosing!  This process is the industry standard for adding individual names and numbers to any team's t-shirts, sweatshirts, sports jerseys, work uniforms and more!

Team Personalization FAQ

How Durable Is The Print Quality For Custom Names And Numbers?

Your custom names and numbers will last for a very long time, usually lasting as long as the shirt itself!   Because the vinyl material is flexible, they’ll move and stretch with you while resisting cracking or peeling.

How Many Shirts Can I Order With Custom Names And Numbers?

We can add individualization to as few as 3 items and up.  We accommodate 100+ piece orders with custom names and numbers regularly for schools or groups! 

How Do I Setup My Order With Custom Names And Numbers?

We make it easy to individualize items for your group or team with an easy to use feature in our design studio. Start designing now and you can use the "Personalize" button to start setting up your names and numbers list per each size in your order.