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Choosing the Right Products

Our catalog offers a wide selection of more than 800 products to select from. Use the criteria below to help narrow your search and find the right product.

Use Case

Thinking about how your custom apparel will be used can help guide the decision surrounding the garment to be selected. Consider the following situations for each application:



We offer a range of products to fit almost any price point, from budget-friend options like our Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt to premium offerings like our Nike Legend Tee. On our product pages, we've grouped products into three pricing tiers to help you find the right product for your wallet:

  • Budget
  • Moderate
  • Premium


The material used can have a big impact on feel and comfort. Here are the most common fabrics used in our catalog:

  • 100% Cotton - Soft, breathable, less clingy
  • 100% Polyester - UV protection, wrinkly-resistant, durable
  • Poly-Cotton Blend - Softer, dries quickly, stain resistant
  • Tri-Blend - Softest, breathable, durable
  • Composite - Depends on the specific product

Interested in going deeper into fabrics? Take a look at our Cotton vs. Polyester vs. Blends blog post.


The garment fit or cut is also important, particularly for shirts and sweatshirts. This is often based on personal preference, so understanding what wearers will like is important. Here's how we categorize the fit of shirts and sweatshirts:

  • Semi-Fitted -Thinner collar, tapered sleeves, contoured torso
  • Standard Fit - Thicker collar, straight sleeves, straight torso
  • Relaxed Fit - Flowy, open sleeves, broad torso

Check out our blog post How a T-Shirt Should Fit for more info.

Get Help Choosing the Right Product

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