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Adding Names & Numbers

RushOrderTees makes adding names and numbers to shirts simple. Once a design has been created in our Design Studio, names, numbers, or both can be added using these steps:

1) Select the Names & Numbers Option

Once the Names & Number Option is selected, the back of the shirt will be displayed. This can be verified by the indicator in the upper right corner.


2) Select Add Names & Numbers


3) Pick Your Preferred Customization

Select whether you’d like your shirts to be customized with names, numbers, or both. Afterward, select Enter Names/Numbers button.


Note: Once names and/or numbers have been selected, your specific customization will not be displayed in the Design Studio. The sample Name and number 00 will be used as placeholders for the customization.

4) Enter Names, Numbers & Sizes

A popup box will appear to accept the detailed information for names and/or numbers as well as the appropriate size for each shirt. Enter this information and once complete select Save & Close.


Names & Numbers FAQs