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Save money on custom t-shirts and apparel from RushOrderTees. Find all of our available promo codes and coupons, as well as tips to save money on personalized merchandise.

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4 Money-Saving Tips

Whether you need 1 shirt or 1,000, RushOrderTees can deliver high-quality custom gear at an affordable price.

Use the four tips below to save big on your next order:

1. Select Budget-Friendly Options

We offer a wide range of products to fit any price point. If you're looking for the best value, consider one of our budget-friendly options. Sort by price (low-to-high) on our subcategory pages to find our least expensive item.

2. Increase the Quantity

Increasing your order size can have a dramatic effect on price. RushOrderTees uses volume pricing, so the greater the quantity, the lower your per-item cost.

3. Reduce the Number of Ink Colors

Decreasing the number of colors used is your design another way to cut costs. Our Design Studio can edit any uploaded image to make it a single color and help you save.

4. Plan Ahead

Make sure to plan ahead and avoid ordering at the last minute so you can take advantage of our free shipping. Don't worry if you have a tight deadline - we offer rush shipping to meet any deadline.

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