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Mission Trip T-Shirt Design Ideas

Customizable design ideas for your church mission trip

Template: 5718239

Template: 5718310

Template: 5718344

Template: 5718389

Template: 5718423

Template: 5718469

Template: 5718513

Template: 5718539

Template: 5718584

Template: 5719020

Template: 5718663

Template: 5718722

Template: 5718794

Template: 5718848

Template: 5718945

Template: 5856881

Template: 5856860

Template: 5856936

Template: 5857080

Template: 5857322

Template: 5857411

Template: 6333079

Template: 6333049

Template: 6333012

Template: 6332996

Template: 6332982

Template: 1284281

Need custom gear for your upcoming mission trip? RushOrderTees has you covered!

Whether your mission trip is short or long-term, custom t-shirts are the perfect way to demonstrate your dedication and celebrate your commitment to the church! Just choose one of our pre-made templates, personalize it to your liking, and place an order—we’ll take it from there!

If t-shirts aren’t in your mission’s dress code, your design can be used for polo shirts and button-ups. You can also pack your gear in style with our custom backpacks and duffel bags!

Mission Trip Design Template FAQ