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At RushOrderTees, we provide clear and concise pricing without any hidden costs.

Our pricing is primarily based on three factors:

  • Product - The specific garment selected for your order. We offer a range of products from budget-friendly options to premium apparel.
  • Quantity - We use volume pricing so the more, the less you pay per unit.
  • Design - If your design is being printed, then the more colors included, the higher the cost. If using embroidery, then the cost will be based on the thread count, so the larger the design, the higher the cost.

Please note - all pricing on the site is in USD.

Getting a Price Quote

Use the Quote Calculator located on our product pages to generate an accurate estimate. Look for and click on the blue "Quote Calculator" button and input in the specifics you're interested in.

Our sales team is always happy to provide a free quote as well. Give one of our experts a call at 1-800-620-1233 or email at

Tips to Save Money

There are many opportunities to minimize costs without reducing the quality of your design. Here are a few of the most popular tips:

  • Increase order size
  • Reduce the number of print colors
  • Use one of our coupon codes
  • Call our sales team for ideas

Interested in more ways to save money? Check out our blog post 8 Tips for Saving Money On Your Next Custom T-shirt Order