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Religion & Spiritual Design Templates

Customizable design ideas for religious groups

Template: 5718239

Template: 5718310

Template: 5718344

Template: 5718389

Template: 5718423

Template: 5718469

Template: 5718513

Template: 5718539

Template: 5718584

Template: 5718663

Template: 5718722

Template: 5718794

Template: 5718848

Template: 5718945

Template: 5719020

Template: 5719168

Template: 5719223

Template: 5719245

Template: 5719287

Template: 5719402

Template: 5719527

Template: 5719562

Template: 5719622

Template: 5719668

Template: 5719691

Template: 5719730

Template: 5719835

Template: 5719891

Template: 5719953

Template: 5719991

Template: 5720065

Template: 5720142

Template: 5720194

Template: 5720362

Template: 5720504

Template: 5720555

Template: 5720578

Template: 5720616

Template: 5720656

Template: 5722622

Template: 5722656

Template: 5723118

Template: 5723316

Template: 5723383

Template: 5723417

Template: 5723763

Template: 5723799

Template: 5723853

Template: 5723894

Template: 5723919

Template: 5724040

Template: 5725250

Template: 5725324

Template: 5727219

Template: 5727247

Template: 5728192

Template: 5728226

Template: 5856860

Template: 5856881

Template: 5856936

Template: 5857080

Template: 5857322

Template: 5857411

Template: 5857604

Template: 5857642

Template: 5857669

Need t-shirts for your church group but not sure where to start? RushOrderTees is the perfect place to create custom t-shirts that your whole congregation will love!

Custom t-shirts are the perfect way to celebrate your religious or spiritual community. Our templates are great for youth groups, Bible schools, and Mission trips

Once you select a template, you can customize it to include details like the name and location of your church. We offer a variety of sizes and products to make sure every member of your group can support your ministry with customized gear. 

Religion & Spiritual Design Template FAQ

Can I order women’s and children’s sizes if I use a template?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of women’s and kids’ products to make sure everyone finds their perfect fit.

What are religion and spiritual templates used for?

Our templates are perfect for creating t-shirts for Bible studies, youth groups, choirs, Mission trips, and more!

Does it cost extra to use religion and spiritual templates?

Not at all! Our templates make it easy for you to design custom t-shirts for your church group at no extra cost.

How long will it take for my t-shirts to arrive?

Our standard processing and delivery time is 10 business days. If you need your t-shirts sooner, check out our rush delivery options at checkout!