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Custom BPA-Free Water Bottles

Personalize BPA-free water bottles with your logo

What Are BPA-Free Water Bottles? 

BPA-free refers to products that do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used in the production of certain plastics and resins. BPA is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, which are materials that can be used to make containers that can store food and beverages, like the lining of metal cans, baby bottles, and water bottles. 

There are some health concerns with the inclusion of BPA in products. BPA is known to disrupt the body’s hormones and has been associated with a variety of health issues. This is particularly true for young children and developing fetuses who are particularly vulnerable. Many governments and health organizations have recognized the potential risks of BPA and have taken steps to regulate its use, which is why we offer an entire collection of certified BPA-free water bottles for your customization. 

Browse our extensive selection of custom water bottles, which include plastic and stainless steel, and start designing today. 

How To Customize BPA-Free Water Bottles

Adding your logo to create custom BPA-free water bottles has never been easier. With a combination of an extensive product selection and our intuitive Design Studio, the process of creating custom BPA-free water bottles takes just a few steps. 

Step One: Find Your Product

Browse our extensive selection of custom BPA-free water bottles to find the perfect size and shape for your needs. 

Step Two: Add Your Design 

Once you’ve selected your product and color, click “Start Designing”. This will transport you directly to our Design Studio - an intuitive platform that will allow you to upload your design or create one to apply to your bottles. 

Step Three: Choose Your Quantity 

Choose the number of water bottles you want to customize and proceed to checkout. It’s really that simple! 

Start designing your own personalized BPA-free water bottles online today. 

Custom BPA-Free Water Bottles FAQs