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Design Your Own UV Protection Shirts

UV, UPF and SPF shirts are designed to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. Sun-protective clothing is becoming more important for those who work outside, enjoy outdoor sports and activities, or are otherwise in the sun regularly. Unlike sunscreen, with UV protection shirts, you never have to reapply! 

Custom UV shirts can be a welcome relief for people with sensitive skin. Originally standardized in Australia due to the intense sunshine, custom UPF shirts have quickly made their way to the US and are a popular choice for beachwear, sportswear, outdoor work and more. 

Defining Custom SPF, UV & UPF Shirts

Before deciding if custom UV shirts are the right fit for your needs, it’s important to understand exactly what they are and how they can help. 

What does SPF stand for? 

SPF stands for sun protection factor. In apparel, the terminology ‘UPF’ or ‘UV Protection’ are more commonly used. SPF is used as a rating system for sunscreen products and relates to the sunscreen’s effectiveness against the more damaging UVB rays. 

What does UPF stand for? 

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. This scale indicates how much UV radiation a fabric will allow to penetrate through and reach your skin. 

Different UPF ratings will tell you how effective the fabric is at protecting the skin. For example: 

UPF Rating 15 - effective UV transmission is 6.7% 

UPF Rating 30 - effective UV transmission is 3.3%

UPF Rating 50+ - effective UV transmission is 2% 

This means that a UPF 50 fabric will allow only 2% of the sun’s rays to penetrate it, meaning 98% are blocked. This significantly reduces your exposure. 

In comparison, cotton t-shirts provide a UPF of just 5. 

What does UV stand for? 

UV stands for Ultraviolet and this refers to the types of suns rays that can cause harm to the body. There are two types of UV rays to take into account - UVA and UVB. This is categorized by their wavelengths with UVA having a longer wavelength causing skin aging and UVB having a shorter wavelength and causing burning. UVB is generally considered the type that you should be protected from. 

How Can SPF Shirts Protect You? 

One of the biggest benefits to UPF shirts is that unlike sunscreen, they can provide constant UV protection for as long as you wear them, lasting up to 30-40 washes before wearing down. This makes them an excellent option for many types of outdoor activities or work where sun exposure is prolonged. 

SPF shirts are also crafted to provide broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Premium UPF shirts will have a tight weave or are treated to offer extra protection to help to prevent the majority of the sun’s harmful radiation from reaching the skin. 

Many types of custom UV shirts are made with comfort and practicality in mind. They are generally lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking which can help to keep you cool and dry. They also come in a number of styles and are a hassle-free way to protect your skin. They are particularly ideal for individuals who may have skin allergies or sensitivities to sunscreen.

Top Tips For Buying SPF Shirts For Men & Women 

Follow our top tips below to get the most protection out of our UV protection shirts or if you simply want better protection from our range of standard tees.  

  1. Natural materials like cotton offer far less protection so choose polyester or nylon for more coverage. 
  2. Choose dark fabrics as they can provide even more protection against harmful UV rays than what lighter colored shirts can. 
  3. Loose weaves offer very little protection as they still let light through, meaning denser weaves are a better choice for SPF shirts. 
  4. Consider the weight of the garment and what you will be wearing it for. For swimming, surfing, hiking or rigorous outdoor activities, you may want to opt for a lightweight option.
  5. The fabric composition of the garment you choose is an important consideration for better protection. Unbleached cotton can contain UV absorbers, while shiny polyesters or even satiny silks can reflect radiation making them a better choice.
  6. Consider a loose fit over a tight fit to stop any stretching which can cause more UV light to pass through.
  7. For better protection, choose long-sleeve shirts or fuller coverage. 
  8. Make sure to regularly replace custom UPF shirts that have become worn or faded, as this can make them less effective at blocking UV lights and protecting the skin.