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Having CornerStone safety vests embroidered with your company logo is a great way to promote brand awareness and enhance workplace safety. Whether your teams work in construction, manufacturing, warehousing or other industrial settings, personalized CornerStone high-visibility vests allow employees to be easily identified and keep them visible in dim or hazardous conditions. Choose bold logo colors like black, blue or red that will stand out against the reflective background of the vests.

When ordering, consider the specific work environment and needs of your employees. For outdoor teams, look for weatherproof vests with mesh ventilation to keep workers cool. Warehouse workers would benefit from pocketed vests to organize tools and parts. Construction crews need heavy-duty vests with durable fabric. Along with vests, safety hoodies and jackets customized with your logo further promote your brand and safety. For very hot or frigid work zones, co-branded beanies, can coolers and towels make thoughtful additions.

We make designing your own CornerStone vests easy with our user-friendly Design Studio. Simply select a product and upload your corporate logo. Then, fill in the range of sizes you would like and when you would like to receive your order. Lastly, check out and let us show you why we’re the best in the business!

Custom CornerStone Safety Vests FAQs