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Custom Logo Shirts

Promote Your Business or Event w/ Customized Logo T-Shirts & Apparel

Custom Logo Shirts, Tees and Polos

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Custom Business Shirts Help You Advertise

There are tons of marketing options for today’s small businesses and major corporations. You can slap a logo onto anything, but is it still effective? Recent studies show that classic customizable t-shirts still prove to be a successful marketing tool. Companies have a variety of reasons to invest in shirts with logos and it all comes down to marketing and branding. The more your logo is out there and continues to be visible, the more your company’s name is making an impact.

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polos or button-down options in a variety of fabrics and colors.

It is also important to maximize your branding potential so you want to put some serious thought into your design and method of printing. The majority of company logos we work with are simple and also keep familiar key elements of the logo if the design is for a special event or promotion. Minimizing the colors will keep the cost down and keep the design simple and easy to notice. The two most popular printing methods for company logos is cost-effective screen printing and professional-looking custom embroidery. Live Chat with a Project Specialist today to find out what options are best for your company logo t-shirts or apparel. Free Design Help | Print Optimization

Unlike some printers, we're completely US-based. Each and every person on our team -- from administration & design to printing & fulfillment -- works at our corporate HQ in Philadelphia.

As you can see from our reviews below, our design professionals are the best around. Whether you need a new design created for you, or just need some assistance adjusting and perfecting a graphic, we're here to help you, seven days a week, free of charge.

Most printers execute your order exactly the way that you design it without any optimization or review, leading to rather very disappointing results. At Rush Order Tees our designers and printers review every order automatically.

Let us help you - then write your own review and rate us! We're certain you'll feel the same as our "Customers For Life.”