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Personalized T-Shirts

Design Personalized Custom Shirts & Apparel Online

Personalized T-Shirts

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in working with customers to make their shirts exactly as they envision. Whether it's a simple or complex idea, with names, numbers, or other elements, customizing products is why we're in business.

Whether you have an idea for your t-shirt or a finalized Photoshop file, personalizing t-shirts and other merchandise couldn't be smoother with the support of our dedicated art department. We employ full time graphic designers tasked with making sure your custom apparel comes out just the way you want. Worried about having things end up just right? Don't be. We won't print your personalized t-shirt or other project without your final consensus on proofs we send right to your e-mail address.

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Quality is our middle name (well, "Order" is, but you get the idea). We started Rush Order Tees over a decade ago, and we have been growing consistently ever since. We attribute our success to our repeat customers, their referrals, and positive reviews - all a result of our commitment to quality. Unlike other vendors, we do everything in-house - not outsourced - at our Philadelphia headquarters, with equipment that is top-of-the-line. Make cheap custom t-shirts, without ever sacrificing quality.