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Children participating in Sharon's Ride.Run.Walk for Epilepsy

Serena’s Crusaders Raise Money to Fight Epilepsy, One T-Shirt at a Time

“Pace” is a word that every good runner knows by heart. It’s a word most people can identify, but one that very few practice in their everyday lives. It’s a word that, over the last few years, has come to mean a lot to Smitha Arons. An avid runner, Arons is also a full-time attorney […]

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first robotics competition

FIRST Robotics: Tips & Hints From The MidKnight Inventors

Who Are The MidKnight Inventors? The world of competitive robotics is an interesting one, to say the least. And it’s probably a lot larger than you’d think. Thousands of students from all over the world – everyone from future engineers to future accountants and public relations specialists – compete annually, among several different leagues and […]

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Helping the Needy with More Than Just Pizza: How a City Pizzeria Put a New Spin on Philadelphia Charities

How a City Pizzeria Put a New Spin on Philadelphia Charities

One of the most innovative charities in Philadelphia. Meet Mason Wartman, a former Wall Street equity researcher turned pizza chef. At just 26 years old, the Philadelphia native decided to trade in his stock portfolio for a pizza peel, and according to Wartman, he hasn’t looked back. Wartman says he first got the idea for […]

5 sandwiches t-shirts love to hate banner photo

5 Sandwiches T-Shirts Love to Hate

When some people see a loaf of bread, they see lunch, or perhaps a midnight snack. They see two simple pieces of bread, holding together a little bit of peanut butter, followed by a little jelly; some ham, a little Swiss cheese, a little mustard, and maybe even a little mayo — but only if […]

How to Run a Political Advertising Campaign Right Into the Ground

How to Run a Political Advertising Campaign… Right into the Ground

The campaign trail is long and arduous one. Even the slightest pebble in the road could be the preface to a mudslide, and everyone is looking for the best path to the top of Victory Mountain. Every campaign manager is tasked with answering the question, “How can I get voters interested in what my candidate […]

the spartan race

Fun 5K Races You Need to Run

People participate in 5K runs for many reasons. They’re fun, challenging, healthy, and often times charitable. For some, running a 5K is a walk in the park. For others, it’s a challenge that takes weeks and sometimes even months to prepare for. Whether you’re a complete fitness freak who likes a good challenge, or someone […]