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Cheap Screen Printed Shirts

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Rush Order Tees offers a variety of cheap screen printing options for t-shirts & apparel. We have a vast catalog of shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, bags, hats and more. Our in-house production studio can provide customers with several different methods of customization like embroidery, heat transfers, and direct to garment digital printing. But hand-down the most popular customization option we offer is traditional screen printing. It is versatile, affordable, and durable. Our professional and friendly project specialists are trained to assist you develop a customized t-shirt that is high-quality and affordable. There is nothing cheap about our cheap Rush Order Tees quality products and customer service.

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Providing Low-Cost, High Quality Shirts & Apparel

Customized screen printing is a cost-effective option for a variety of events and purposed. Screen printing perfect for making uniforms for your business. Design stylish tees with a simple logo you’re your employees will love to wear. It is a proven fact comfortable employees are happy employees. If you are running a charity event, your participants and volunteers will need customized for prizes or the day of the event. By providing someone a free t-shirt he or she will be able to wear a design that represents your cause and spread the word of you charity every time he or she wears it. Screen printing is also an effective and cheap way to design a variety of customized items for the various athletic items you may need when outfitting your school’s cheerleading squad or baseball team.

Want a tip on how to keep costs down on screen printing? Keep your design simple. Keep in mind most logos are only one or two colors. The more colors you add to your design, the more you cost will increase due to the labor involved. When you know this little fact, you can really take control of ensuring you will have excellent cheap shirts.

Screen printing is one of the most durable options for customized t-shirts aside from custom embroidery. Almost all of our athletic client choose custom screen printing. It is cheap enough to produce designs and logos on many items like sweat pants, hoodies, jerseys, and of course tees. It is also durable enough to take on everything athletes have to handle. Our quality screen printing will last your athletes throughout this and future seasons. .