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Custom Tan Coolers

Personalize tan coolers with your logo or design

Keep your beverages chilled with a custom cooler. Perfect for any event, festival, golf course, picnic, barbecue, meet-up, campsite or yard party. Add your own logo, design, image or message to round off your event.  Customized cooler bags are also essential for restaurants and bars delivering takeaway food to customers. Have your brand whizzing down the street on the next delivery with our promotional cooler bags. 

Custom-printed coolers offer a unique and impactful way to boost brand recognition, and their potential can be taken to new heights by incorporating complementary promotional items. Custom cooler not only keeps refreshments chilled but also provides a prominent canvas for showcasing the brand's logo. Adding branded koozies maintains the cool beverage experience while amplifying brand visibility. Including outdoor blankets and folding chairs creates an enticing outdoor set-up, perfect for picnics, beach outings, or camping trips, and each item displays your brand prominently.

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This thoughtful combination doesn't just promote brand awareness, it creates memorable experiences and makes your brand an integral part of customers' leisure activities. By merging functionality and comfort, these branded items work in harmony to establish a lasting connection between your brand and your audience.

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