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Grow your own herbs and flowers with our custom grow kits. The most thoughtful of gifts that can be used time and time again. Grow kits are a sign of nurture and can help to bring a splash of green to a home or an office. Complete with glorious smells once grown, our custom grow kits can quickly develop into a fun hobby that all can enjoy. 

Zesty, fun, and fragrant, our custom grow kits include a variety of herbs and flowers, meaning you can choose the kit that will work best for you. 

Pair as a gift with our custom kitchen tools for a complete set. 

Personalized Grow Kits For The Home Or Office

Give out at a trade show or expo to your delegates as a key takeaway and something for them to remember you by with your logo always on display in their home or office. Or decorate your office and employees' desks while giving them something to look after away from the screen day-to-day. 

Simply plant the seeds, water regularly, and help to ensure the plant gets a good amount of sunshine, and you’ll have blossoming herbs and flowers in no time! A favorite promotional product for all businesses and a popular gift for the home. 

Add a personal message, logo, image, or design of your choice to our promotional grow kits. There’s no better way to get green fingers. Design your custom grow kits today! 

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