Use Fast & Easy Karate Shirt Design Templates

Whether you’re a white belt, a black belt, or a school owner, kick things up a notch with karate t-shirts. Our templates make it fast, easy, and fun to create gear for your entire martial arts school and staff. Plus, our in-house specialists can assist with your custom karate t-shirt designs by offering FREE support and speedy delivery.

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Use The Karate Shirt Templates Below To Quickly Get Started

Custom Karate Apparel For Competition

Martial arts and self defense training take more than physical skill; they build confidence and mental strength, too. For your school’s next competition or testing, give your students a personal touch by designing karate tee shirts for every student that feature your school’s logo or competition name. If you’re a spectator, order a bunch of karate themed shirts for your crew to support your favorite student or athlete. Looking for more ideas? Check out some of our karate t-shirt design templates—or, create your own!

Custom Karate Shirts & Apparel For Your Martial Arts School

Stock your studio with customized karate tee shirts that motivate your students and instructors—they’ll wear the gear with pride during their training (and on their rest days, too). Feature your school’s logo and location on a variety of apparel for every student: karate t-shirts, moisture-wicking shirts for extra comfort during sparring, sweatshirts, hoodies, drawstring bags, and sweat towels. Ready to create karate apparel that sets expectations and sets your brand apart? Our specialists are pumped to work with you!

Quality Karate Shirts and Designs - Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ve been making custom apparel for over 15 years—and we’re pretty good at what we do. From placed order to shipped product, we pride ourselves on creating something extra-special with exceptional results. Our experts offer FREE support during the design process and ensure each and every order is top quality. Your satisfaction is our goal—this is what keeps our customers happy and coming back time and time again. (Thanks for the glowing reviews, by the way!)