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Want Your Favorite Tee to Last Longer?


January 20, 2020

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Do you have a favorite screen printed t-shirt that you want to make sure keeps a fresh look? We thought of a few tips to make sure that your tee looks great even after several washes.  All of your clothes, screen printed or not, can benefit from these tips. These tips will prevent fading, as well as protect printing and embellishments.

The process of washing and drying clothes creates a rubbing action against the print and causes it to fade. With the tips below we can ensure that this will not happen to your screen printed t-shirts.

Cold Water

Using cold water is much gentler on the fabric than warm water. Heat is screen printed clothing’s worse enemy and will cause the print to crack and fade. So make sure you use cold water on a regular cycle.

No Bleach or Heavy Detergents

Do not use harsh chemicals on your apparel. These chemicals will effect the cure, which is on the screen print to protect it, as well as fade the actual shirt.


Be sure that your dryer is set on a moderate temperature. Again, the heat will ruin the screen print. If you choose not to use the dryer, you can hang dry your clothing and then iron the product. However do not iron over the screen printed portion of the shirt. It will cause the screen print to come up off the shirt.

Inside Out

This is the most important tip to remember and is crucial with all of your clothing. If you turn your clothes inside out, you are ensuring that the clothes will not rub together on the side that they are worn on. This will help with your shirt not fade as quickly.

Clothes That Play Together, Stay Together

It is best to do laundry with similar clothes together. Not just colors, but also textures. Putting together same textured clothes limits the amount of rubbing each item receives.

By using these tips you are going to ensure at least 36 washes before your shirt begins to fade with proper use. So use the tips and let us know how it goes!


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