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Unique Ideas for Family Reunion T-Shirt Design


January 20, 2020

Now that we’re about halfway through the year, we’re well past the season where families are getting together to exchange ribbon-wrapped gifts and sweet homemade treats. Instead, we’ve entered the season where families are getting together to settle long running horseshoe rivalries and kick back on some grilled hot dogs. Yes, it’s family reunion season, and if there’s one thing we know about these picnics, it’s the essentiality of leaving each year with a great t-shirt.

We come across a few thousand family reunion t-shirt designs around this time each year. And each year, about one less than a few thousand of those designs is a family tree. We’re not saying that they don’t always turn out great, but if you’re planning your second, third, or fourth annual family reunion, you’ve probably used the family tree before.

If you’re stuck trying to think of another design that would be fitting for the whole fam, ponder no more! Here are five design ideas for your family reunion shirts:

Family Coat of Arms

Family Coat of Arms t-shirt

Every last name has its own coat of arms. If you don’t already know your family crest, there are plenty of online resources or books you could check to find out. The family crest is a cool and classic way to represent your family name and show pride in its history.

Do you know what your family name means? If not, you can look it up and add that to the back of the t-shirts for an extra dose of family history.

Jerseys for the Whole Team

Family Jerseys

The family reunion is your time to bring the whole team together. Get ‘em all in uniform! For this year’s shirt, try jersey tees with “Team (Your Family’s Name)” printed on the front, and everyone’s name and number in the family on the back. Seeing grandma, the youngest baby cousin, and everyone in between in the same team uniform will definitely make for good pictures–especially if you plan on organizing some fun games to play. 

Let Your Heritage Shine

Family Heritage T-shirt

You might not necessarily share a last name with everyone at your reunion, but you still share the same heritage and ancestry. Get your family reunion shirts made with your nationality flag. If you have multiple nationalities in your shared bloodline–even better! Your family’s lineup of flags printed alongside your family name will make for an awesome and unique design.

Show Your Growth

Family Reunion shirt

Yes, we know–technically this is a tree. But there’s nothing wrong with an old design sliced a different way! The tree trunk rings image is a great creative way to represent your family’s growth over time. Fill in the phrase with whatever year you can trace your family back to, or the birth year of whoever your oldest common relative is.

Got a Unique Name?

Family reunion shirt

Get creative with your family’s name and play around with a pop-culture reference! We’ve seen families create their own versions of dozens of logos, from the Coca Cola logo, Johnson & Johnson, Campbell’s, Miller light…you name it! If your last name is even visually similar to any brand logo, designing your reunion shirts with your own version of the logo always makes for a fun and memorable t-shirt. 

For the Family of Outlaws

Family Reunion t-shirt

If you have the type of family that’s tough to round up, this design might be your best bet. This will be even better if you choose a fun Western theme for your reunion. We’ve seen this family reunion design used in several different ways, and it can be modified by personalizing the Wanted poster with names for each separate family. 

Do you need custom family reunion t-shirts? We can help you design the best gear for your get together. Visit us at RushOrderTees.com or call (800) 620-1233.


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