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Where to Sell Custom T-Shirts


January 20, 2020

For those who are graphically or comically inclined, printing custom t-shirts and reselling for a profit is a rewarding and potentially very lucrative side income. Businesses like RushOrderTees.com, make outsourcing the printing of your intellectual property easy and cost effective. You can sell custom t-shirts for extra income.

Leave the printing to professionals. Pros can deliver the highest quality products at fair prices with plenty of room to markup for retail purchase. The quality of the finished product directly represents you and your venture. Don’t skimp, since double checking ensures quality! Make sure the shop you select is reputable. They should use the latest industry practices, adhere with CPSIA industry regulations, and, most importantly, don’t contract out their jobs. Finally, businesses that contract out jobs can’t control another shop’s quality and ability to deliver on time.

The biggest question to ask when considering printing custom t-shirts for profit is how you plan to sell your t-shirts. To get you started, here are just some of the ways our customers resell their custom printed t-shirts for profit.


As a nationwide online business, we know just how successful web based businesses can be. If you’re just starting out, don’t downplay options like eBay and other online auctions or classifieds. Options like these let you learn and sell.

A step up from online auctions would be to create your own e-commerce website to sell your designs. One-click solutions like Shopify are easy to set up and sell custom t-shirts in no time. In addition, making your own website or hiring someone would yield the lowest checkout related fees.

At Events/Conventions

There are many niche markets out there that have conventions or events to promote their subculture. Most conventions have a retail booth exhibit of sorts, and they sell spots (pricing depends on the popularity of the niche market). Consider designing custom t-shirts that really strike a chord with a specific group of people and reap the benefits. Moreover, you can apply this niche style approach to designing your custom t-shirts with an online technique for reselling custom tees.

To a Retailer

For the determined, selling custom printed t-shirts to established retailers in bulk can be a rewarding goal to set and achieve. For those starting out reselling to retailers, boutiques and smaller businesses that jive with your designs will probably be the most approachable type of business to try and strike a deal with. In conclusion, with some solid design ideas, salesmanship, and a little bit of luck, you could find yourself a weekend fashion designer.


Interested in starting your own T-shirt business? Check out our DIY guide to starting your own t-shirt business or start designing custom t-shirts today!


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