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The Best of Orthodontist Office Custom T-shirts


September 16, 2019

In the competitive field of orthodontics, the doctors who truly stand out are those who go beyond what is asked or expected. They deliver exceptional service, treat customers like family, and may even throw in some freebies. The most common freebie is t-shirts.

T-shirts act as dual action brand-lift for your orthodontist or dental practice. First, customers are excited that they get something for free (everyone loves free t-shirts–think about t-shirt cannons). Secondly, these customers can now act as walking billboards for your office. Whether they’re a part of an overall marketing strategy, or simply offered as promotional lift to each of your clients, your t-shirts will act as walking representation for your brand–have fun and get creative with them!

Here are 8 memorable orthodontist t-shirt designs to inspire you. To get started on designing your own dental shirts, start creating in our Design Studio.

Stop crooked teeth

Stop crooked teeth t-shirt

This is why they come to you in the first place. Crooked teeth belong locked behind bars–or wires? Either way, by-passers won’t forget this clever characterization when they seek someone to stop their crooked teeth.

Straighten it out


In the end, the real winners are the orthodontists who are able to straighten everything out. This shirt will serve as a reminder to everyone that when there’s some aligning to be done, you’ll be the first to help.

Straighten it out


Always better together

Funny always better together shirt

No one likes to be alone–that includes your teeth. This design reminds us all that a set of teeth is just that–a set. They belong together. Aligned teeth are happy teeth.

Crowd Control

Crowd Control for Teeth

If an on-looker’s teeth are a rowdy, misdirected bunch, then braces will provide just the crowd control they need. This punny shirt will not be soon forgotten by people who have been considering making their own investment in crowd control.


 Orthodontist alignmint

Okay, we’ll admit–this one’s a bit of a stretch. A mint that cranks out perfectly aligned smiles? Bet you never thought of your orthodontist office that way, but hey–you’ll definitely stand out if you can make people think of something simple in a different way.

Everyone needs their space

Funny orthodontist t-shirts

Being caught in a small space can be uncomfortable, to say the least. With everyone on top of one another, it can be hard to move, let alone stay positive about the situation and smile. This shirt serves as a simple reminder to those who may be feeling a bit crowded.

Nice curve

How do you feel about each of the perfect curves you create? Pretty nice, right?

We love the attractive vintage drive-in vibe of this one, and we’re going to bet your customers will love it, too. It will make a great addition to any wardrobe rotation, spreading more awareness for your orthodontist office than you even expected.

Straight up perfect

Straight up perfect orthodontist t-shirt

Everyone knows a perfectionist. You know, the people who have it all together, head to toe. Well, the result of your ortho-artistry is something even the hardest to please cannot deny–straight up perfection.

Making a good name for your practice is as simple as what you put on your patients’ t-shirts. Design them with something memorable! What design do you love for your practice? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to share other clever design ideas! I

If you’re interested in one of the tees above, let us know and we’ll create it for you!


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