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Six Shooter Challenge

03/19/2019 by Imri Merritt aka M

screen printer compitition
Imagine that you’re in a room with a roaring crowd and competition is in the air. You’re watching the best of the best compete, but you know that only one will walk away a winner.

You’re not watching a title fight, you’re cheering at our 4th annual Six Shooter Competition. Each September, our best printers square off against each other to see who can print the best screen printed tee in the shortest amount of time. Things can get pretty fierce on the RushOrderTees.com production floor!

RushOrderTees.com has always been known for speed and quality. Our industry leading turn around times along with our guaranteed rush delivery dates and times have earned us the “rush” in our name. We proved our expertise back in 2010 during the M&R Print Challenge when we went up against 40 companies over three days and won first place. It was one of our first print competitions, and we knew it wouldn’t be our last.

It wasn’t unusual to walk on our production floor and see two printers competing to see who can finish orders first. Eventually, we got the idea to make the friendly games a bit more competitive.

Our Six Shooter Challenge is a simple 1 on 1 bracket – think of it as March Madness for t-shirt printing. Two printers square off to see how fast they can flawlessly print 6 t-shirts. For every flaw on the shirt, judges will add 3 seconds to your score. While you may think printing shirts is simple, every pro has their own style of loading, spinning, and printing can drastically affect their time. The printer with the best time is declared the winner!

Our first year had 10 competitors, and this year we’re expecting around 60 participants. Banners are being printed, the smoke machines are ready, and our screen printers are ready to show that they have what it takes to win the champion belt.  

Who knows, if this catches on maybe professional speed screen printing will become the next hot sport. Either way, we know we’re excited for the next competition. Check back here for updates so you can see who will win the 2018 Six Shooter Challenge.



About the Author

Imri Merritt aka M Imri (pronounced em-rye), also known as “M”, joined RushOrderTees in the spring of 2015, bringing over 10 years of graphic design and color separations experience in the screen printing industry. Over the next three years, he helped transform the Art Department, improving the overall quality, efficiency, and customer service of the team, while making some beautiful T-shirts along the way. A graduate of the Multimedia program at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, he has explored various creative pursuits, including art and design, marketing, DJing, and even producing comedy shows. He brings his well-rounded skill set and forward-thinking approach to every project he's involved with at Printfly / Rush Order Tees. He is a contributing writer for Impressions Magazine, Printwear Magazine, and ASI Central. He loves roller coasters, music, and fried pickles.