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7 Funny T-Shirts For Your Next BBQ


January 20, 2020

As grilling weather approaches and the days get longer, we start to get really excited about our favorite time of year. May is the officially acclaimed National BBQ Month, and we think that’s a noteworthy cause for celebrating.

We can definitely get behind a month dedicated to delectable grilled meat, heavy barbecue sauces, and friendly family gatherings. And since barbecue season expands far past the month of May (depending on where you live), it only makes sense to update your wardrobe with some shiny new BBQ-themed t-shirts.

Here are our favorite t-shirt designs for celebrating National BBQ Month, and enjoying summer weather!

Funny, but Rude

As we have a varied audience including children and families, it would be irresponsible to list out some of the more NSFW barbecue t-shirt designs… but if that’s something you and your friends would get a kick out of, all it takes is a quick Google search for funny BBQ t shirts! Just mind your audience when you wear your cheekiest BBQ t-shirt.

Eat BBQ, Drink Beer

Eat BBQ Drink Beer T-shirt

Relaxing at a barbeque–especially if you’re not the pit-master–is one of the best simple joys of summer. Communicate your desire to keep it simple, and design your own BBQ t-shirt in large text, that reads, “Eat BBQ, Drink Beer.” 

King of the Grill

King of the Grill

Maybe you’re the type of person who takes pleasure in grilling and barbecuing for others. If so, then this BBQ t-shirt is for you. As long as you don’t burn the meat, we’re sure that your guests will bow at your greatness. It also makes a great gift if you’re one of the subjects of the king of the grill!

Vegetarian? Not Quite.

BBQ T-shirt

If you’re into barbecue food, chances are pretty fair that you’re not a vegetarian. As such, it’s okay to poke fun at those who are, and assert your love for meat with a shirt like this. Feel free to customize with a picture of your own idea of the perfect BBQ meal.

Pig Butts

Pig Butts T-shirt

Sir Mix a Lot fans and pig lovers alike will appreciate this BBQ t-shirt which allows them to assert their love for both. If you love pig butts, chops, belly–whatever–you’re licensed to wear it.

Another great t-shirt idea for barbecue lovers along these lines? A t-shirt showing your favorite cuts of meat on pigs! A little barbaric, maybe, but it gets the job done.

Grill Sergeant

Grill Sergeant T-shirt

A play on words that a veteran (or not!) can appreciate. Is there a grill sergeant in your household that needs their barbecuing to be just so? Do they freak out if someone else tries to get involved, and doesn’t follow their exact process? Sounds like they need this t-shirt. But you’d better check with them on colors/font/etc. before you place an order!

Licensed to Grill

Licensed to Grill Shirt

Another play on words–BBQ shirts are great for that, aren’t they? Whether you have an official grilling certification or not, if you’re the pit-master at your house, we think you’re worthy of wearing this shirt. With great power comes great responsibility.


BBQ T-shirt

Replace the heart in this phrase with what really has your heart–delicious pulled pork, bacon, and any other piggie goodness you can fit in your smoker or on the grill. It’s simple but effective!

Which of these t-shirts would you wear to celebrate National BBQ Month? Is there a design we didn’t include that you’d prefer? Share your ideas in the comments!


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