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RushOrderTees Gets A Brand Facelift (We Needed It, Badly)

Imri Merritt

January 18, 2021

rushordertees rebrand sketch

RushOrderTees: same great company, same great service, brand new look. We are proud to share—with our loyal customers and with the world—our company’s brand refresh!

Over the past 16+ years, RushOrderTees has grown as a business, becoming well-established in the custom apparel space. As we continue to progress, we’re doing some really innovative things to bolster our awesome customer experience from beginning to end—and we need our brand to grow with us.

Then and now: Why a brand refresh?

When RushOrderTees first launched in 2002, CEO Michael Nemeroff admits the company’s branding had a lot of aesthetic variants; it lacked that consistent look and feel that makes a brand recognizable across all mediums. “We fell into brand guidelines instead of defining them,” says Nemeroff. “Issues came about as the company grew. We needed to take a step back and ask ourselves, who are we and what direction do we actually want to go?”

RushOrderTees rebrand before and after

Our next step was to, in a way, start over; to create a well-laid brand foundation that we actually believed in and translated cohesively across all applications—from web properties to packaging, marketing collateral, and of course apparel. “When done right, we knew this refresh would improve our brand, internal processes, and outward customer communication,” says Nemeroff

Today, RushOrderTees is a cutting-edge custom apparel company who is proud of our printer-first roots, and we still operate with that startup mentality. As the ecommerce marketplace continues to expand, we are scaling to fit demands while moving in a more modern direction. In taking that much-needed step back, we began the journey of creating a versatile, refreshed aesthetic and logo that could adapt and be optimized for the changing digital landscape.

The process: Who are we?

Our brand-refreshing process was so much more involved than “make everything look better” (though that was part of it). We pulled back and dove deep with strategic and visual explorations to come up with a new aesthetic that would succeed in:

  • Being adaptable and cohesive; growing with us as we scale
  • Encompassing our values
  • Expressing our personality
  • Strengthening our presence; helping us to continue to stand out

RushOrderTees rebrand photography

But first, we had to answer one big question: who are we? With that, we considered various brand “archetypes” to decipher who we are as a brand:

    • The Creator: We are artists and visionaries who create things with meaning and enduring value—this is RushOrderTees at its core
    • The Jester: We have a sense of humor and like to have fun! Our customer experience and products aim to make people feel good and bring them joy
    • The Everyman: We want to stay true to our humble beginnings (our company started in the CEO’s family garage). Plus, our customer is literally, every man/woman—from corporate business owners to small-time artists.
    • The Magician: We aim to amaze and come through when no one else can—from our flawless, high-quality prints, to guaranteed on-time delivery on any deadline. If that’s not magic, we’re not sure what is!

RushOrderTees responsive logo

Making our mark

From a visual standpoint, we wanted to create a refreshed brand aesthetic that’s clean, timeless, and can adapt with us. We underwent a visual exploration (see the “before and after” process below) to unveil a new logo and color palette that reflects who we are:

    • The logo’s ink drop is a nod to our printers-first heritage  
    • The “R” in our logo is in line with RushOrderTees; it’s ownable, recognizable, modern, and versatile so it can last with us as we grow
    • We are an energetic industry leader and want our color palette to reflect that; the new colors are bold, bright, clean, but still fun

More to come!

We’re proud to have a talented in-house staff who made this brand refresh a reality—and this is just our first phase of rolling out awesome changes. We have a lot more exciting things coming your way—from an updated, easy-to-use website to fresh new packaging. Keep checking back with us!

Imri Merritt

About the Author

A graduate of the Multimedia program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Imri Merritt is an industry veteran with over 10 years of graphic design and color separations experience in the screen printing industry.