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Rush Order Tees’ Official 76ers Sponsorship Kickoff


January 20, 2020

Being a Philadelphia-based company run by Philadelphia natives, Rush Order Tees lives and breathes Philly sports. Sports in general have always been a part of our company’s culture and an inspiration for our team’s constant hustle. This hustle is, in fact, what brought about the recent opportunity to bridge what we do here with Philadelphia’s pro-sports industry.

As we root on the Philadelphia 76ers in their first home game against the Oklahoma Thunder tonight, the Rush Order Tees team also kicks off our first season as the official t-shirt providers of the Philadelphia 76ers.

The order that sparked fire

Philadelphia 76ers Wells Fargo Center

Our initial communication with the 76ers sparked from an order that came as many of our customers’ orders do–in a rush.

Back during the NBA draft in June, the Sixers found themselves in a pinch to get a bulk order of fan merchandise printed in time for a Draft Party event. Knowing we were a Philly-based screen printer, the Sixers sought us out for help.

Our confidence to deliver

In our usual fashion, we were able to pull through under the team’s time constraint. They were impressed with our ability to produce such high-quality shirts at such a fast turnaround.

In the wake of this successful delivery, we became very interested in how we could help them on a larger scale. Our team knew without any doubt that we could offer the 76ers our famously fast turn-around rate and high-quality production on the large scale they needed. On top of this confidence, the 76ers were a team near and dear to us all. We were stoked about the potential to work with one of our Philadelphia teams!

Officially sealing the deal

Philadelphia 76ers Rush Order Tees

After a few weeks of discussion between our leadership and the 76ers, we cemented the deal–Rush Order Tees became the official t-shirt providers of the Philadelphia 76ers. When the end of September hit, our team kicked it into high gear to deliver our end of the deal. We printed over 20,000 promotional shirts for the NBA season, then packaged and delivered to the Wells Fargo Center before the Sixers’ first pre-season home game on October 6th.

With signing of the deal, we were guaranteed a radio spot per game, logo placements during home games, and tickets for our team to attend a pre-season game, along with a few other nice perks.

Perks for Philly fansPhiladelpiha 76ers shirts get to share a few of these perks with the Sixers fans! A portion of the 20,000 Sixers shirts will go catapulting through t-shirt cannons during each home game. Tickets are still available throughout the season, so all Sixers fans still have the chance to get lucky and catch some free swag!

Aside from the t-shirt cannons, another exciting fan perk is our Philadelphia 76ers design contest! Starting early in 2017, fans will be able to submit their original Sixers’ t-shirt design for a chance to see it appear on 2,500 t-shirts. The winning shirts will be distributed at one of the season’s home games. Stay tuned on Sixers radio, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the contest launch!

For the fans, by the fans

Rush Order Tees 76ers fans

We’re excited to see how the exposure of this sponsorship impacts our growth, but our deal with the 76ers goes far beyond the advertising and exposure. The aspect of the sponsorship that we’re most thrilled about is that we get to support one of our oldest Philadelphia teams. As a company of Philly sports fans, it is a huge honor to be able deliver shirts for Sixers fans, by Sixers fans.

We’re ecstatic to root on our 76ers as they take it to the court in their first home game tonight. Catch the game tonight on Comcast Sports Net, ESPN, or on 97.5 The Fanatic. Go Sixers!

View the official Press Release here.


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