Pokemon Go: T-Shirts To Wear While You Catch Em All

Pokemon Go T-shirts

If you consider yourself to be an original fan of Pokemon, you’ve probably also been attached to your phone for the past week or so playing the latest craze, Pokemon Go (here are the Android and iOS links if you haven’t downloaded them yet). Even if you didn’t get into the original Pokemon, it’s still a fun game to play with friends that has the added benefit of forcing you to get outside and move around.

As the game has brought a lot of people together so far, we suggest wearing or making a t-shirt like any of these to advertise your love for the game and attract other Pokemon Go players!

Pokemon Go team t-shirt

Pokemon Go Team Shirt

It’s interesting to note that Pokemon Go has the option to choose a team once a player reaches level 5 and visits a gym. Players are at war with each other over this simple choice!

Team choices include:

  • Team Instinct
  • Team Mystic
  • Team Valor

Whatever you choose, be sure to consult with your friends first. Unless you like a little healthy competition.

Pokemon is my cardio

Pokemon Go Shirt

There have been a lot of funny Pokemon themed workout t-shirts and tanks in the past, but they couldn’t be anymore relevant. If you’re someone who couldn’t be forced to leave your couch before Pokemon Go, but is now racking up tens of thousands of steps each day, you need this t-shirt.

Pokemon master

Pokemaster Shirt

If you’ve caught the original 150 Pokemon (151 if you know the Mew hack) on any of Nintendo’s games, you’ve fully earned this shirt. Feel free to adjust the year if you’re a new age Pokemon master.

Gym leader shirt

Pokemon T-shirt

Pokemon Go hasn’t reimagined Pokemon gyms in the exact same format, but it’s probably for the best. Can you imagine millions of users competing for ownership of 8 gyms in each region? Still, feel free to show other players where you’d align if things were still the way they were back in the day.

I go to the gym everyday

Pokemon shirt

Whether you’re referring to a place of exercise or a place of Pokemon team domination, this Pokemon Go t-shirt can get you through either situation.

Caution! I’m on the Go

Pokemon Go shirt

Okay, so Pokemon Go isn’t without it’s problems. You’ve probably heard of the girl who found a dead body while playing, and another girl who used the app to catch her cheating boyfriend.

On another somber note, there’s this guy who crashed his car while playing Pokemon Go. Can’t say we didn’t see that coming.

Be careful when you play, but also warn others that you’re not looking with this Pokemon Go t-shirt!


Pokeball shirt

Pokeballs are really at the center of any Pokemon lover’s life. They’re the tool that facilitates successful capture of a Pokemon. Sure, there are more effective types of pokeballs to use as trainers level up, but we never forget our first.

Let’s GO

Pokemon Go shirt

At the end of the day, Pokemon Go is all about taking action. Catching and leveling up or evolving Pokemon. Meeting friends out to conquer a territory together.

Would you wear any of these Pokemon Go t-shirts? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Now excuse us, we’re about to hit another level…

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