Customized T-shirts for Cheap: An Art Driven Style Indeed!

Honestly, custom made t-shirts have now unveiled the new face of the fashion industry whilst letting you express yourself in lines ,images, colors and patterns. Just like the designer brands the customized shirts and tees also moved ahead with the simple goal to make clothes appeal to the senses. Finally the new line of style was created where effort was put to make you express better with words and images and to help you stand apart in the clutter.

With hand drawn art work done by the best art directors and by the popular artists the customized t shirts adds the ultimate fashion statement boldly. Typically, the focal point on quality and attention to detail has been mirrored in the long legacy of the success story of the screen printed shirts, which has time and time again defined creativity, expressed perfection and silhouetted style. Do you still think that fashionable clothes are determined by the brand names? Do you still believe that style is all about paying the hefty price? Tell me honestly – do you think that clothes become more stylish if they are endorsed by famous celebrities? Well, you are certainly not wrong wholly; however there is a rather cheaper way available if you just know where to find the haven of the trendy customized t – shirts for cheap.

Correct; etching a discrete mark in the fashion world, and carrying the world of fashion to another level altogether Company logo shirts have made a name as an art-driven style rooted in the urban lifestyle and tattoo art culture. It’s certainly not a hyperbole when said; custom printed shirts have transcended the boundaries of genre. It has also succeeded in carrying the challenge of creating your own style statement at a realistic rate.

If you are interested in keeping up with the latest trends in fashion industry it is possibly the best time to reap the advantages of these customized t shirts fast because these actually sell like pancakes! The cheap custom shirts are hot and are in demand not only because of their low price tags but also owing to the fact that these can make you look fabulous!

Yes, you are now free to design these special t shirts based from your style or based on what can bring out your ATTITUDE.

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5 Things to Ask Custom T-Shirt Printers

Here are 5 quick questions to ask before you place orders with custom t-shirt printers.

1. What are your shipping charges?

2. Can you really meet my deadline?… really.

3. What extra fees or taxes are there?
    Ex: Custom Colors, Design Fees, Handling…?

4. What type of images can you work with?
    Ex: Do I need a “Vector” image?

5. Do you offer free design reviews & enhancements?
    Ex: Adjust Images, Text Spacing & Backgrounds?

T-shirt printers are not all equal and neither are their charges so we can’t speak for other companies but to help you comparison shop, we’ve noted our answers below.

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How Do We Do It? Quality Custom Shirts Fast & Cheap

It may sound self serving but being in business for over 10 years, we honestly get asked this an awful lot, by both new and long-term repeat customers who are just continually amazed at our results and value.  So we figured we should post a clear honest outline to answer this popular question.


“How can you guys make custom shirts, guarantee low prices, quality, AND get it all done and delivered so fast (and free to boot)?”

Short Answer

  • We do everything in house.
  • We do large volumes so we get volume pricing (which we pass along).
  • We’re experienced – We’ve been printing custom shirts for over 10 years.
  • Our equipment – We constantly invest in the best state of the art equipment.  Check out a few videos as examples.  DTG (Direct To Garment)
  • Our people – Our team of in-house professionals are experienced professionals who genuinely care about your event or cause and keeping our customers happy.  We’re very proud of them.

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5 Things to Know BEFORE Printing Custom Shirts

So you need custom shirts printed and your not sure where to start or how to select a reputable screen printing company.  Below are 5 Quick Questions everyone should ask a custom printer before placing your order with ANY custom shirt printing company:

  1. How Much is Your Shipping Charge?
  2. Can You REALLY Deliver this ON TIME?!
  3. What Extra Fees or Taxes are There?  (Custom Color Fees, Design Fees, Handling)?
  4. What Type of Image Files Can You Work With / Do You Accept?
  5. Do You Remove Backgrounds / Adjust (Correct) Image & Text Placement?

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Screen Printing vs. Digital Printing Shirts

Whether you need custom shirts for a business, team, corporate event, political campaign / political activism group, school or charity drive, custom shirts are a great way to get your message seen. There are a lot of options, but screen printing and digital printing are the fastest and cheapest.

So what’s the best method for you?

which is better shirt printing

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