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Announcing the RushOrderTees Pro Shop, featuring original designs for the big game and upcoming holidays

01/10/2020 by Imri Merritt aka M

We’ve been a custom T-shirt company from the very beginning in 2002. It’s what we do best. We pride ourselves on a commitment to high quality, lightning-fast turnaround and exceptional customer service. This has led to strong, steady growth over the years and positioned us as one of the industry leaders.

So what to do next?

We have lots of exciting projects and plans in progress. One of them, we’re pleased to announce, is the new RushOrderTees Pro Shop.

We first built this online store to handle the demand for Philadelphia Eagles shirts that were flooding in during the playoffs, and most of those designs are still available. You may have seen them on various local news networks.

Founder and CEO Mike Nemeroff being interviewed by 6ABC.


Ever since that spontaneous debut, the storefront has continued to do well. The demand has increased to include T-shirt designs for upcoming holidays, so our Art Dept whipped up some great designs for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Ask and you shall receive.


We also came up with plenty of designs for fans of the LA Rams or the New England Patriots as those teams prepare to go head to head in the biggest game of the year. Put those orders in now to make sure you get yours in time.


Of course, you can always use these designs as inspiration and create your own with our extensive collection of clip art and fonts. Just remember– no using team logos, NFL logos, or the words Super Bowl. Them’s the rules.

If you have an idea for a design but need some assistance, you can read through these quick tips, or just ask us. Our Art Department can make it a reality in no time.

Call 1-(800)-620-1233 and you can talk to a Project Specialist right now. We have a team of experts who are happy to take your call.


You can also email us your concept or special request and we’ll right get back you. And if you have any ideas for how we can improve the storefront or some designs you would like to see there in the future, we’d love to hear from you.

Happy designing!


About the Author

Imri Merritt aka M Imri (pronounced em-rye), also known as “M”, joined RushOrderTees in the spring of 2015, bringing over 10 years of graphic design and color separations experience in the screen printing industry. Over the next three years, he helped transform the Art Department, improving the overall quality, efficiency, and customer service of the team, while making some beautiful T-shirts along the way. A graduate of the Multimedia program at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, he has explored various creative pursuits, including art and design, marketing, DJing, and even producing comedy shows. He brings his well-rounded skill set and forward-thinking approach to every project he's involved with at Printfly / Rush Order Tees. He is a contributing writer for Impressions Magazine, Printwear Magazine, and ASI Central. He loves roller coasters, music, and fried pickles.