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Monogrammed and Embroidered Gift Ideas For Special Events


January 28, 2021

Need gift ideas for an upcoming event? Whether it’s a celebration, tournament, party, or charity giveaway, consider customizing your gift with embroidery.

Embroidery is one of our most popular services at RushOrderTess.com. When it comes to gifting, embroidered gear has an elevated look to it that makes it feel more special and personal to the receiver.   

We’ve rounded up some ideas for events you may have coming up on your calendar.

Ways to personalize gifts for:

Golf outings or tournaments

From company tournaments to bachelor parties, group golf games are fun and social activities that build camaraderie—especially when personalized golf shirts and towels keep everyone looking stylish on the green.

If you’re a manager organizing a business outing on the course, you’ll want to ensure your team looks clean-cut and professional. Gift your employees with moisture-wicking polos or quarter-zip sweatshirts embroidered with your company logo or team name on the left, and each player’s name on the right.

If you’re assembling a golf game for your bachelor party, you can have a little fun with gifts for your buddies. Commemorate the occasion with polo shirts for your groomsmen; embroider the left chest with the golf course logo or your bachelor party hashtag, then add each guy’s name to the right chest. Matching golf towels will up the gift ante even more—and it’s something they will actually use again!

Baby showers

When the new mom-to-be is opening presents at her baby shower, almost everything will be off her registry—from baby monitors to mattress protectors and teething rings.

Why not shower her with something more thoughtful? Personalized baby gifts like a blanket or bag embroidered with the new baby’s initials will definitely be a favorite. If you want to get really clever, order matching mommy-and-me shirts embroidered with their names so the baby has something cute to grow in to.

Bachelorette parties

It’s your last weekend with the girls before you tie the knot! Yes, this bachelorette party is in celebration of you, but remember how much your bridesmaids have helped you with planning the past year? Having personalized bachelorette party gear is a great way to thank each of them in a big way and give everyone something to have as a keepsake.

If your bachelorette party theme is a beachy getaway (like many of them are), embroidered monogrammed tote bags will be a nice personalized surprise, especially if they’re packed with matching towels (think of the Instagram photo potential while lounging on the sand!)


Present shopping during the holiday season can be stressful—there are so many people you need to buy for and you want to ensure each gift you give is meaningful.

For the chef in your life, order a customized apron embroidered with his/her name or a funny saying like “Kiss The Cook.”

Know a few yogis or athletes? They’ll love unwrapping organic yoga pants and organic cotton shirts embroidered with a lotus flower or the “om” symbol.

For epic Christmas photo ops, gift your whole family (and yourself!) with monogrammed pajama shirts and bottoms to wear and pose in by the tree.

Corporate fundraisers or charity giveaways

People love receiving free stuff. So if your company or charity is hosting a fundraising event, hand out good-looking swag that attendees can take home with them. When the gear is fashion-forward and elevated with embroidery, people will actually wear it—and that’s how promotional apparel creates brand recognition and starts conversations about your business or cause.

Hats—from baseball caps to beanies—embroidered with your company or event logo will be extremely popular.

Embroidered promotional tote bags are another great giveaway; people can never get enough extra bags, and this will act almost as a walking billboard for you when people reuse them. It’s a gift that gives back to your cause, too!


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