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Design Makeover: King Kracken

Dan Leer

January 18, 2021

custom t-shirt art of King Kracken shirts

When a customer sends us a design that he/she wants printed on custom gear, we don’t just print it as is and move on. We wholeheartedly believe in delivering top-quality prints, and that’s why our team of highly skilled artists always work their magic before printing. They review every order to ensure that your design will look flawless once it’s transferred onto the final product.

The RushOrderTees art team has a ton of knowledge and training in creating high-quality prints every time. We consider elements that you’ve likely never heard of, like ink gain, contrast, and halftones, and do some “image repair” on every order we receive.

What does this mean for you? There’s no need to worry about how your design will translate on to custom gear—that’s our job, and with 16+ years experience, we’re pretty darn good at it!

A great example of RushOrderTees’ top-notch image repair is the work we did for King Kracken Clothing Co. The brand sent us excellent artwork to start with—but to perfect things even further, we enlisted one of our Advanced Artists, Imri (aka, “M”), to enhance the colors, shading, and other visual elements. This ensured that the image would print vibrantly and flawlessly onto the apparel.

Updated Art of King Kracken shirts

I wanted to make sure the customer would have really great finished products, especially once I found out they would be for resale,” said M. “The colors in their original art were kind of washed out looking—so before I did the separation, I modified the design to bring out the contrast, added some shading to the waves, adjusted the colors to be more vibrant, and gave it an overall better look.”

halftone separation of King Kracken shirts
Separation file vs halftone preview

As a brand, King Kracken’s vision is to “create high-quality products for our customers with visually stunning designs unlike this industry has seen before.” We’re honored to help this company—and many others—turn their ambitious visions into a customized reality!

halftone artist
Advanced Artist, Imri (aka, “M’)

customer art layers of King Kracken shirts

Pretty impressive work, right? Our Product & Design Specialists love bringing custom apparel ideas to life—and your design can be next! Give us a call at (800) 620-1233 and we’ll get started.

Dan Leer

About the Author

Dan Leer specializes in copywriting and digital content creation. He joined Printfly in 2018 to write our Standard Operating Procedures and quickly became a part of the internal communication team. Dan uses that broad knowledge to inform his writing on a variety of company topics and to offer our readers a "behind the scenes" peek at different facets of the RushOrderTees business.